I'm on the fence; are you for or against the legalization of marijuana?

Okay OmaSteak, I’m putting you on blast for this comment:

“Mrs. Bisson,
Has Canada banned the private ownership of firearms and confiscated all firearms currently held by the public? Seems like you should be a little more concerned in bringing about “the change Canada so desperately needs” first. After Canada demonstrates that confiscation of firearms is a huge success, then maybe Americans will give it serious consideration.”

a) I never suggested that the US should confiscate your home weapons, so there’s that. But I do find your gun rhetoric insensitive on the heels of people’s innocent children losing their lives because of one. And never in a million years will you ever get me to agree with the notion that any and all citizens should be armed.

But this is the beauty of differing opinions we’re all allowed to have them. I would however appreciate if you would please stop putting words in my blog, or stop commenting whenever I post about SENSIBLE gun ownership. I don’t see the harm in the idea that if more people within the circle of mass shooters were held accountable more people would be mindful about who they sell guns to, and behave more responsibly with how and where they are stored. If you can’t agree with even these suggestions then you’re neither the sort of person I would associate with, no care to hear opinions from.

b) as far as Canada, holy hell do we, at least us here in Toronto, have a seriously negative gun relationship taking a foothold in our city. I think over the course of our long weekend I saw, on the news ticker, at least six gun related deaths/crimes had been committed. To be clear I’m not sitting up here holier than though, or with my head in the sand about our own issues about our relationship with guns. Yes, ours are illegal guns in the hands of the wrong people, which is probably exactly what you will argue back, but really, if there were less of them out there to be had illegally or otherwise, it is my opinion that both the US and Canada would be much better off.

So, going forward Mr. OmaSteak IF you insist on commenting please at least have your retort be applicable to what was actually written, or save yourself the time and polish one of your guns instead.

Speaking of legal versus illegal, where do you all sit on the matter of legalizing weed???

In Malibu there are all sorts of boots on the ground trying to get them to make it legal. You see, pot is legal in the state of California but I guess it’s up to each city or township as to whether or not they want to allow it to be. I was surprised to learn that. I had assumed that if it was legalized that meant the entire state had to play along, but no. So now all the surfers are pissed that Malibu is cock-blocking their buzz. I for one totally get why they don’t want public pot smoking in Malibu. I get where Malibu is coming from. This is a tourist destination. Many tourists come with their children and spend days at the beach. As a mother, when I had young kids I would not have wanted them to be sitting at a beach side cafe, or building sand castles while somebody was getting high right beside them.

There is a time and place for everything, Disneyland, the beaches of Malibu, in my opinion are not the places or the time to smoke pot.

This doesn’t meant that I’m anti-weed, or against smoking. If you’ve been reading me a good long while you know that I’ve used it in the past to help me with hormonal insomnia. I also give it to my dogs to help manage pain, and to reduce Kohl’s anxiety. I wholeheartedly back it for medicinal purposes. 1000%. You won’t get an argument out of me about that.

But, should teens be able to get their hands on it so easily??? Is this a good thing, or a bad thing? A part of me doesn’t really see the difference between that and alcohol. Both change the chemistry in the brain, both are dangerous if you drive your car under the influence. Which brings me to the point: if we don’t yet have the technology to test drivers road side to see if they’re driving under the influence of pot, should it be made so readily available to the general public??? Then there is the concern that teens who chronically smoke, can and have been known to develop bi-polar disorder, even to the point of becoming schizophrenic, and other chemically altered/induced brain injuries. So, knowing these things, do we really believe that now is the time, if ever to legalize the drug?

Things that make me go hmmm…