I'm no longer doing the back to school dance, but, I remember it well.

If you’re a parent who’s back in the thick of the back to school adjustment cycle, then I’d like to share these words of encouragement with you. In case for some unknown reason you’re still not following @milknheels, and getting my motivational Monday posts as they go live, I’m going to help you out and post it here for you.

You’re welcome. hahaha xo SB

Well, well, well, time certainly does fly! I honestly feel like I was just writing posts about the end of school, and the beginning of summer. The to “get a dog, or not get a dog” as a family summer project comes to mind. Now here we are, already a week into September and back to the grind of heavy scheduling and increased traffic for one, and all.

Where has the summer gone? It’s remarkable how swiftly days roll into weeks, and then into months, I swear…

Anyway, we can be sad about the “official” end of summer days and nights, or, we can look at some of the positives of having our children busy back at school, and extracurricular activities. All three of my girls are done and dusted with school, and out in the work force; I am way on the other side of being done with back to school busy-ness! Which is a great thing you’re probably thinking…to which I say not so fast. Here’s a true story: at the tail end of August, while getting my roots done at a hair salon, the place was FULL of kids of all ages getting their back to school mojo on, and I became melancholy. Texting my youngest, who is the most recent University graduate, telling her how much I missed all “that.” I found myself pining for those days of spending one on one time with them doing the get ready for back to school, hustle.

It’s what I like to refer to as one of those things about being a parent that falls under the category of “double-edged sword” of the parenting emotions. On the one hand I used to look forward to days void of the; “what are we doing today” questions, and the tears from boredom because all their friends were away, and my life AKA running a household, and my husband’s company, still had to go on, causing my girls to be: DONE WITH SUMMER. When the clock was ticking down to those final days of that sort of summer nonsense, I’m not gonna lie, this momma bear got a little “skip to her step”. But, then there was also sadness for the loss of lazy days of sleeping in, staying in pjs sipping tea all together, and late nights sitting around a fire laughing and sharing, sharing and laughing. Or, the heavenly rainy day snuggles in my bed watching movies all day long.

And such is the dance of parenting, it seems, to me anyway, that there is always a bit of bitter sweet in each next phase of life with our kids. Like for me, this year is my first of not having to pay for one school book, of not having to help anybody get organized for their school year, of not having to do anything but spend time with my husband doing whatever we want to do. And, I have to be truthful with you, I’ve shed more than a few tears over it. I’ve cried even though I’m thankful for no longer having to make sure to sign them up for their after-school programs in time for the deadline, days are done. I was blue even though I’m grateful, that I no longer have to wake up to an alarm if I don’t want to. I’m beyond ecstatic that there are no more packing lunches in my future. I’m elated that I can stay up watching, reading, whatever I want until whenever I want because my schedule is my own, and yet, with all this to be thankful for I find myself feeling a touch envious of all you parents who still have little ones, or big ones to tuck in at night. To kiss on the forehead and turn out the lights and hear, “I love you” every single day.

So, momma, and poppa bears who are reading this today, even with all the shit, and stress that getting back into that school rhythm brings with it, and it definitely does, take it from a momma who has nothing but time on her hands these days. Embrace these wild, and woolly moments, because just as summer blows by with the breeze, so do the back to school days.

All the love for you parents still in the thick of it, enjoy it, and cherish it.