I'll never understand why people on the internet get so surprised by obvious things. Once a cheater always a cheater, no???

Listen up people, I’ve told my girls this since they were old enough to start dating: THEY WAY YOU GET A LOVER IS THE SAME WAY YOU WILL LOSE A LOVER.

Meaning, if you “steal” a person from another person, whether they’re married, or in a committed relationship, you will lose said person the exact same way. Which is why I’m not sure why people on the internet are always so fired up when a celebrity man cheats on his new famous partner. Especially when the man was with another woman “minutes” prior to hooking up with the celeb you love.

Like did you all miss the part where said man was already with another woman, and that woman may or may not have been pregnant at the time the man took up with your favored celebrity? I mean seriously, how quickly people forget that Khloe Kardashian’s man was with a woman who had just had a baby boy. I mean like months before he started dating Khloe. The son turned one this December. Khloe was pregnant for nine months and gave birth in April, which means his son was five months old when Khloe got pregnant, and we all know that nobody conceives the first time having sex, sadly, especially somebody like her who suffered many miscarriages.

Listen I’m not judging either of them, to each his own, and honestly nobody knows what their arrangement is. Every relationship is unique and has its own private set of expectations, standards, and rules. Since none of us are in that relationship we have zero clue what their set up might be. But, I will say this, neither Khloe, nor the internet should be so taken aback at his cheating ways.

1) he’s only twenty six

2) he’s a professional athlete

3) he’s twenty six

4) he’s ridiculously good looking, although my dad, who was handsome enough but overweight most of his adult life, and had no problem getting ladies to frickle frackle with him outside of his marriages.

5) he was with a woman who had just had a baby minutes before they got together.

Let’s not be surprised here people. We can feel bad for her if we want to. We can even call him names, but the reality of that situation in my humble woman opinion is: you reap what you sow. I don’t wish anybody get their hearts crushed by a cheater, but hey, if it walks, talks, looks and acts like a cheater, chances are that man is a cheater.

You all know me, I’m loathe to give any of my blog time over to write about the Kardashians. But this is not so much a post about them as it is about society, and how quickly people forget how one of their pop culture obsessions obtained their lover. When somebody, famous or otherwise, gets a partner through shady ways, can we really be all that surprised when that same person acts out in that exact same fashion?? I mean, I suppose we can, we’re all entitled to act, speak and think how and what we want to. But I’m wondering if it might all just be more peaceful going forward for everybody involved, if when something like this happens to a beloved personality if we all just let them handle it privately rather than have all the entertainment outlets reporting on it like it’s actually surprising, or newsworthy. I mean people cheat every damn day. Why is it such news when it happens in a celebrity relationship, especially when it’s not the first time at the rodeo for one half of the equation? Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm.

In closing all I can say is that I for one am happy for Khloe. She happens to be the one I like the most out of the entire clan and I’m stoked that she finally has had her dream come true by having a baby of her very own. Whether or not she keeps the man who knows, that’s for her to decide. But I will tell you this, as a mother, any heartbreak he is putting her through will be wiped away by the joy and love she has for her daughter. And if the love and blessing of a daughter is what she gets out of this relationship, well then I say it was a fair trade.