I have an idea for a new TV show: White Supremacists Island. Where they all have to live together on their own island.

It is difficult to turn on the television, or my phone these days. Everywhere I look there is bad news, there is violence, there is unrest. It is unsettling. Not in a I want to bury my head in the sand sort of unsettling, but for me it’s more like; “can’t we, as humans just get it together. Have we still not figured out how to live in harmony, if not in peace?” Way. I mean honestly how hard is it?

It seems so simple to me. Live and let live.

Do unto others as you would have done unto you.

Do not judge until you’ve walked a mile in another person’s shoes.

How to be a decent member of society, of the human race just seems to be such a straightforward task, how are so many people getting it so wrong?? I don’t understand unbridled hatred toward people simply because they aren’t like you. Isn’t the fact that we’re not all alike a very good thing? Our differences are what makes the world a wonderful place to be, or at least it does for me.

Listen I don’t agree with most religions, but I have no issue with the people. There are countries I have zero interest in visiting because of the way they suppress/oppress and abuse women, but I don’t have hate in my heart for those people.

What’s the biblical saying: “Hate the sin, not the sinner” I think that’s it? So many of these hateful people say they hate in God’s name, or in honor of God, but when I think of god I think of love. I think of acceptance, unity, and inclusion. Didn’t God make us; “In his image”?? I take issue with people who take some parts of the bible as gospel while throwing away other elements of it. I don’t get that, and I highly doubt your God does either.

The thing that inspires me, and keeps me going during what feels like, to me, such a painful time for America are the millions of people who are not like these hundreds of thousands. Knowing that the bulk of Americans, which includes many leaders who will not tolerate this hate becoming the new normal, helps me sleep at night. It gives me strength to know that there are a great many more who don’t subscribe to their way of thinking or behaving. I love knowing that White Supremacists, like Jason Kessler are actually so cowardly that they abandon a press conference when there are more anti hate people in the crowd than there are haters. He literally ran away in fear because protestors against his message of hate decided to stand up to him, and let him know that they aren’t there for it. I love knowing that people like Jason only reveal themselves when they are in a group, because they know that one on one, man to man they might not have been able to cause as much bodily harm to a man like Deandre. I love knowing that there are more of us than them. I love knowing that we aren’t willing to be silent, to believe that this “will work itself out” anymore. We, the people of harmony and unity will not be silent. And we will retweet the photos of your faces so that you will lose your jobs. We will retweet the photos of your faces so that every single person who knows you now knows you for who you really are. You’re all racist, ignorant cowards.

Why should you get to live and breath your hatred and be able to carry on blissfully “normal” in your day to day lives? The answer is you shouldn’t. I don’t want you serving me dinner. I don’t want you selling me a car. I don’t want you cashing my cheques at a bank, or dating my daughters. I want to know exactly who you are. And what I would really love more than anything is to create a new TV reality show where we send all of you to your own island, so that you all get what you want. You would get to live in peace, with only other like minded people such as you. The rest of us want nothing to do with you, and you should know that.

I really think I’m on to something, give them an Island and we’ll all watch it play out on TV. If they want a perfect white race why don’t we just ship all of them to an island all on their own, with only one another for company. I know we the rest of the world would gladly pay your moving fees, hell we’d even throw you a going away party.