I have an idea, let's make the world great again and send all the angry dumb ass white men to an Island all alone, who's with me???

Over and over again I’ve told myself that I wouldn’t post about this. That I wouldn’t get racist against my own kind, but you know what? I’ve had more than enough. Like I’m done. I’ve hit my breaking point and now I’m going to get mouthy.

Dumb ass white men. SIT DOWN. You honestly do not know shit about shit, and you’re embarrassing yourselves by showing off how small your minds are, how underdeveloped your hearts are, and how seriously backward you are by behaving the way you are behaving. So please stop it. And if you all won’t stop it on your own, then maybe your mothers should cuff you in the back of your heads to knock some sense into them. Or maybe your wife should make you sleep outside in a tent without electricity, internet or food. Maybe you should all have to go hunting for you food again like the “good ole days” or die of the flu because antibiotics haven’t been invented. Like I mean how far back to the “good ole days” are you nervous, afraid of your own shadow, worried little men wanting to go? Because you know what, you can’t really suck and blow for much longer the way you are. You gotta draw your line, not in the sand where it could be washed over by the waves, but maybe on concrete with paint so there will be no mistaking exactly where you all stand.

Also I have new for you, THIS LAND ISN’T YOUR LAND. I don’t know what you’re talking about when you say “make America great again” or the asshole on the Toronto Subway telling the, from what I could tell East Indian man, “to go back where he came from” need I remind you dumb ass white man, you aren’t from here either.


We stole this land from the native people who were living here peacefully, honoring the land that they lived on, worshipping both heaven and earth. And then we came. Us white people thinking we were better, thinking we were more deserving, thinking that somehow it was all ours. And yet it wasn’t, it never was, but our arrogance, and our narcissism allows us to somehow believe that it is now and that it was back then. We believed we could have whatever we wanted, that we could simply take what appealed to us, that we were the only ones who deserved rights, freedom and land. And now it is becoming painfully, embarrassingly clear that so many of you, too many of you still think this way.

Why? Where do you get off thinking this way? What is the upside of being filled with hatred, intolerance and fear? Don’t you see that we are all one, under creation? We all bleed red. We all feel pain. We all know the joy of love, and how much better it is to not only give it, but how completely healing it is to get it.

What are you all afraid of? Why do you want/believe that people with different skin colour, or religious beliefs, or sexual orientation provide any threat to you? How does this compute into your brain as something to fear? More importantly how is your extreme hate, intolerance and desire to “do away with anybody who isn’t white” any different than any other extremist group???

I have news for you it’s not. It’s exactly the same. And I also have news for you that may shock you, your extremist frightened agenda won’t win either.

Love conquers hate. Perhaps we should start an island for all you scared white men to go live on, all by yourselves where nobody who is different from you can ever come to, a beautiful little whitewashed island where you can live in a peace, and the rest of us can also live in a world without all of you.

Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm…