I was hoping it was propaganda, this Ontario dog/cat research racket. I'm sad to report it's not, it's true.

Well, I’m deeply disturbed, and sad that I’m writing this blog. I was hoping that what I would uncover about animal testing here in Ontario was just PETA/Vegan propaganda. Unfortunately this is not at all the case. Here in Ontario not only do they allow and conduct animal testing, it is even more sordid than all that. There are some people who are known to take people’s family pets and sell them to the research labs. And even worse, in one case that you’ll see in one of the articles about this that I was given, these people will go to a humane society, purchase a lost, scared and beloved pet and sell them to the labs. I purposely purchase items that are not tested on animals, I’ve even gone so far as to stop using products that I loved that work better than the non animal tested versions because I just think it is unnecessary to use animals in testing products.

On days like this, even with my work with Boost for Kids, where I know that human trafficking is a huge issue and big business in Ontario, at the very least there are task teams trying to get that stopped. And there are resources to locate, extract and help young kids who are being brutalized. Knowing that people are also treating helpless animals like this truly makes me wonder why people like these were given life in the first place. Like where do they come from? Who raises them to be this way? I mean, honestly, why are some people the way they are??? It makes my skin crawl and my blood boil simultaneously, and I just wonder, with so many people who legitimately work in the sex trade as escorts, and prostitutes, why does anybody need to steal somebody’s child for sex.

Never mind forget I even asked that question, I do know why they do it, and I’m not going to write about it here. We all know why that happens, and it actually makes my heart hurt too much to meditate on it. So I will continue to do my work with Boost and help any children we find, and rescue from the underbelly of our society, and pray that this sick practice of human trafficking, fades away in my lifetime.

But thankfully with animals that are purposely being sold to research labs because it is LAW that they can be, at least there is something we all can do about that. We can, and should, (I already did) write to the premier of Ontario, and ask them to turn over this law. The NDP party is the only party at the table in TODAY’S election who is set to ban this practice. Listen, I’m not advocating for any party, and I also don’t want to be taken the wrong way, but I just wonder IF it is absolutely essential to do animal testing can they not collect city rats and use them? Let me be clear on this so that I don’t get hate email/comments saying that I am for animal testing, because I am not, I don’t think any animal should be used in testing. I’m just wondering if it really is needed so they can develop life saving medicines, and ensure that people in need due to illness are getting the health care they need and deserve in order to have a good quality of life, are there not animals that are in excess and that are nuisances that can be used? Do people really need to kidnap family pets and sell those? Or do our shelters, who have been put in place to protect lost, surrendered family pets really need to sell them knowing that their remaining days will be spent in pain??

I can’t even with that…

Anyway I could go on and on because I’m truly so disturbed and bothered by this revelation, but I’d rather you read for yourself, and write in for change, and tweet to let our government know that this unacceptable barbaric practice needs to stop. I can’t wait to hear how you all feel about the actual owners who are allowing their house pets to participate in research “studies.” Like wow, people, wow. That’s not your right to own an animal and make a paycheck from them being used as a day research lab animal…WTAF???

Follow this link to read about the laws that really must be changed about this sick practice in Ontario. Let our voices be heard for those who have no voices of their own.

No Pets In Research