Human beings in a crowd will forever and always make me go "hmmm..."

You know me, whenever I go out into the world I can’t help but notice stuff about human behaviour that makes me go “hmmm.”

Like why is it that large groups of people enjoy walking four, five, sometimes six people across??? Why don’t they know how to walk two across and then stacked??? I don’t get this. Let’s share the sidewalk folks. Please.

Why do people bring grocery bags out into nature filled with water bottles and snacks then leave them on the ground, right next to a trash bin??? I mean it was RIGHT BESIDE the trash bin. Not across the walkway, not even ten feet from the bin it was right beside it. I don’t get this. Why don’t people throw what they bring into nature away? I will never in my lifetime understand people who makes these choices.

These days I prefer to stay in boutique hotels. The reason for this is simple. The smaller the hotel the less people there are. So, for example, while I sit outside on my balcony on a beautiful Sunday morning typing my blogs I don’t have to listen to the group of young women loud talking about things like the one girl’s guy who doesn’t really like giving oral. But he really likes getting it and what should she do about it?? Maybe you’re not “fresh down there.” Or I don’t know girl, maybe you need to find another boyfriend???

People with small children who allow them to throw fits in line ups of stores, then pick them up while they’re still flailing about so much so that they kick you in the arms as well as the parent? It really is this simple. Remove the child from the store. The child has lost his/her privilege of getting a caramel apple today.

Group conversations that happen in the middle of a walkway in a circle, and they don’t move to the side, or even acknowledge other people coming up on them, so the people not a part of the group have to go “off road” walking into mud and stuff. That’s not very nice, pay attention folks.

Another personal favorite that totally makes me go “hmmm” people who stand in front of doorways blocking access to the store or restaurant you’re attempting to enter. Then when you say “excuse me” they look at you as if they don’t understand where you’re trying to go, so you have to use your Peter Pointer and bring them up to speed with the fact that they’re blocking an entrance to a store. And they slowly like molasses move aside.

Why do people who smoke think that while they’re staying at a “non-smoking” resort that smoking outside on their hotel balcony doesn’t “count” as smoking on property???

How do meteorologists still have jobs? Today was supposed to be raining, and yet here it is, chilly yes, but raining. Nope. Unless it moves in pretty quick, it looks like a wonderful day for my cousin to be getting married. As long as the rain holds off until 1pm.

And the thing that’s really making me go “hmmm” today, is this. If his body isn’t too banged up from meeting a rock with his shoulder and hand yesterday, and if Yanny Bissony goes riding after the wedding, will he make it to dinner on time, showered and dressed appropriately this time around???

Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm