Does my hubby have enough clout to get Murdoch moved to California???

There is something truly magical about Southern California. I feel transported to a simpler time when I’m here. Which seems odd, because I mean Malibu is only 32.8miles from downtown LA if you take the 10 to the 1(PCH), or 46miles if you come at it over the top from the 101.

It is less than an hour drive from one of the most crowded, plastic towns on the planet. And yet my soul is so peaceful here. My thoughts are clear, and I’m long on patience. My gratitude and joy levels go through the roof when I’m here at my California house. I’m definitely more “at home” in a town where I was not born, which I find extremely odd. I mean all my important relationships are in Toronto. All my deep friendships, family, you name it, they’re all there, so you would think that I might feel lonely here in LA all by myself. Yet I’m not. In fact I feel quite the opposite. I feel more like myself, more at ease, more content. It’s truly bizarre.

Maybe it’s the weather? Maybe it’s because I’m surrounded by the healing energy of the ocean, the mountains, and warm air? Maybe it’s because, even though this is a big city, it has a “sleepy” quality to the energy it throws off? Maybe it’s because most everybody seems to be living the “Carpe Diem” motto? Maybe it’s because people ride their horses to Starbucks on a lovely fall Sunday morning?

I don’t know what it is exactly about this place that has me vibrating with deep soulful gratitude but all I know is that it will be hard to leave it in one weeks time.

I wonder if they could just film Murdoch Mysteries here so I would never have to leave again??? Do we think Yannick Bisson has enough clout to make it so???


Probably not, but a girl can dream…