How can a government rush a dog travel law through but not laws to protect fellow human beings?

There are a great many things that amaze me. Although nothing shocks, and upsets me quite as much as how our governments have stricter laws, and will act quicker to protect animals, specifically dogs, before children and women.

Most recently, and yes I appreciate that it was in the US so it might not be the same in Canada or other countries, although I have seen some verdicts come down on pedophiles that were less harsh than people caught and convicted of violent acts against four legged critters in my own country. Within seventy-two hours of the puppy dying in the overhead bin, which upset me enough that I wrote two blogs about it, a bill was being brought before congress to be voted on to ensure that not one more dog would die a senseless death in an overhead bin. Really? Honestly, come on.

You all know how much I love four legged kids, I’m crazy for them, and I think they deserve to live full lives protected, loved and cared for like royalty. But, when we have black men still being gunned down by cops when they’re unarmed, when we still have kids being shot and murdered at school, when children are being raped, and no laws are being changed and rushed through the government to ensure the ultimate protection for all these innocent human lives, I have an issue. I’m sorry but I can’t get behind expediting bills into place so that dogs lives are protected at every level, while human beings lives are not.

I mean we’re dealing with a president who is actively flipping over all the exotic hunting laws that Obama put into place, yet now we’re spending time, money and resources to make sure that no other domestic dogs, of which, I don’t need to remind any of you, that globally we have thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of these roaming the streets with no homes, no families, no shelter, or medical care. We’re honestly that worried if we lose anymore due to a family choosing to fly them along with them on a holiday? I’m sorry, but this for me, a self proclaimed dog lover, who spoils her own fur babies ROTTEN; (mine have medical health coverage, they only eat organic food, and are rushed to the vet for any and all immediate signs of possible illness.) Even I don’t think we need to make laws about protecting them during elective air travel not before we do something about putting into place gun laws for mentally unsound people. Nor do we need to protect dogs before we honor and protect indigenous people, or African American men and women, or children who cannot remove themselves from violent living situations, women who are raped and abused. I mean the list of people we need to protect goes on and on and on an on. But dogs and what can and cannot be done to them while in transit?? I’m sorry but that’s going to be a no from me. I believe that it is totally up to the dog parents to ensure their living, breathing, fur-baby doesn’t get stuffed into an overhead bin, and if for whatever reason the people who are traveling with the dog don’t get that that is a very bad idea then how about some concerned, intelligent fellow travelers step up the plate and ensure the safety of the traveling dogs. But pushing laws through, man oh man, we have much bigger fish to fry before this law, that I’m actually feeling annoyed about becomes a thing. So, this air travel law is going to be a definite “I can’t even”from me, a self proclaimed animal lover, my friends.