Hills and valleys, good days and brutal days, I'd still rather have them all with you than anybody else. Happy Anniversary baby.

Over the time that I’ve been on social media and writing this blog you’ve all read my dedication posts to YB. You know that I love him with all my heart. You know that we’ve been through some shit, we’ve battled for our relationship in the same way that many of you have. Some days it felt as though we might lose the war. Such is the power of feelings, doubt, and sometimes pain. Other times it seemed like we couldn’t soar any higher.

These are the highs and lows of relationship. Taking the good with the bad.

It is amazing to me how many people assume because outwardly you have great success, that inwardly and in private everything is awesome. I mean how could it not be? How can two attractive people, who are excelling in their chosen fields, with their health, and philanthropic ventures that feed their souls, not be perfectly happy at all times? It seems like they would be ungrateful swines if they weren’t living in a constant state of euphoria with all these great things surrounding them. I’m not so much talking about myself and Yannick, as I am thinking about Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. To those of us too romantic to be practical, it seems that a couple such as them could not possibly have addiction issues, or depression, and yet they did. They too, like so many of us “regular” couples attempted to fight through the battles in the hopes that they would win their relationship war. Sadly it seems like they did not, although I’m still holding out hope.

It brings to mind the many times over our twenty nine years as a couple, and today, twenty seven of those married, how many fucking battles we’ve had. Some of ours have been over finances, due to having none, or having plenty and determining how is the appropriate way to live within both circumstances. We’ve battled over our girls. How to address a behaviour that drove one of us, but not the other absolutely through the roof. So many strong conversations have been had about dogs, to have them or not to have them. Where to travel to. Bike trips, or beach trips. Ski trips or European ones. There have been knock down drag downs never going to came from ones over infidelity.

Marriage is a series of peaks and valleys. When in the valley one feels that they will never, ever again get to the top, where the sun shines on their faces and warms their soul. The valleys seem to go on forever and ever with no end in sight. And then it’s like magic. One day you’re just there, together, hand in hand at the top once again.

My love, there is nobody on this planet, despite all the pain we’ve managed to cause one another over the years, that I would rather make it back to the top of the glorious mountain top with than you. You are the dream partner I never, ever knew I could have, and there is nobody I’d rather drunk sing with at the end of the night than you. I love you with my entire being.

Happy twenty seventh anniversary Yanny Bissony, thanks for continuing to pick me every single day.