Hey Zorro, sorry I called you a dick. But seriously why did you go to the airport with a plastic sword???

I want to be clear that I wasn’t upset about being inconvenienced by his stupidity for dressing up as Zorro and carrying a plastic sword into an airport, in 2016. Although I will hold firm on how the costume, and the sword will forever and always make me “go hmmm” I was mostly upset at him for literally scaring the shit out of me while I was 30,000 feet in the air. I was also incredibly annoyed at him for being at the epi-centre of the entire thing. The reason I believed that it all had to do with Zorro and the plastic sword is because that it is what the U.S news outlet, who shall rename nameless to protect their shitty reporting, was saying happened. They didn’t specify that the “shots” fired in a totally different terminal from Zorro. No they did not. So here I was, cruising along, completely justified in believing that Zorro fucked everything up.

I have since learned otherwise. A very polite man on twitter corrected me on my facts about Zorro at LAX, and how I “reported” that he caused the entire security breach/shutdown of the airport.

And now I feel just awful for calling poor Zorro a dick, dumb, thoughtless etc etc etc. He wasn’t even the real source of my frustration and fear. It was some other random person, who I’ve not even heard word one about that declared they heard shots fired.

Where is THIS person? Who is THAT person, because you sir, or madam are really the person I should devote the annoyed post to.

In the meanwhile, until I uncover the real source of my upset, let me extend an online olive branch to poor Zorro…

Please forgive me Zorro for calling you names in my blog, and dumping all my fear, upset and annoyance on you, an innocent street performer who was just doing a job that he was paid to do. But, maybe next time Mr. Zorro, leave the plastic sword at home.


And I, I will work harder to not take the American news outlets at their word. Before I post something where I have gleaned my knowledge from the U.S I vow to you, my faithful, lovely readers to do some extra fact checking. Because I’m pretty confident James, got his information from a more thorough, Canadian news source. Right James???