Is it hatred, or a lack of gratitude that feeds radicalization??

Ignorance is bliss they say, and in the event of the terrorist attack that took place last night in Edmonton while I was happily living in a bubble of love and joy celebrating the upcoming marriage of my daughter, other innocent people’s lives were under attack. By a man known to police since 2015. Take that in. How does this keep happening? I really need to know. How are “people known” to authorities allowed to roam free? How are they allowed to continue living in the very countries they become enemies of? I don’t get it.

Last night a Somali refugee attacked the very country, and the people who live in it who took him in. Who sheltered him and welcomed him without question, unlike many other countries who want no part of any refugees, Canada is not that place. Canada is still open armed and welcoming, and this is how we get repaid.

It is upsetting, but not shocking. I for one wondered how this large influx of refugees would play out, and I hope this is not the beginning of many more attacks to come. I pray for the safety of my fellow Canadians, and I hope that this is an isolated incident carried out by one lone mad man.

You see this is the thing I don’t understand about terrorists. Why are they such little bitches. I mean seriously, what is their problem?? They want out of their countries so bad that they will often get out illegally, land on the soil of another country and beg to stay. So they/we let them. And then they band together and make hate gangs with their bitter, angry hearts and go about trying to destroy the very democracy they crave?

What the fuck is up with that???

Why come here at all? Or Britain, or France, or anywhere really. If they hate where they’re from so bad, but also hate where they’re going, then why don’t they just stay put? What’s the point of spreading their vile beliefs around the globe. Why not just stay in their own little bubble with all the other hateful people and leave the rest of us out of it.

As a none hateful person I can’t understand it. We’ve (the innocent people who terrorists attack, I’m not talking about governments) done nothing to you, we’re just out here living life, and you’re determined to make your hatred toward us known by taking the lives of innocent people unexpectedly, during regular, normal life activities. It is so incredibly cowardly. It’s beyond comprehension, and quite honestly there is just no way that there is any God of any religion who is for this sort of behaviour. I refuse to believe this anymore than I think God wants people having their sexual relations through sheets and only for procreating. I don’t buy that for a second either, but I won’t delve into why I don’t believe that to be true, since that would make up an entire post all on it’s own, and this is not that post.

For right now this rant is about the stupidity of hatred. It makes no sense to me. Not in the radical Muslim groups, not in the white supremacists, not in the police force, and not in our government. Hatred is a useless ugly emotion that in my opinion causes more damage to the person who is overflowing with hate than those their hatred is meant for. You know what I’m talking about; we’ve all been in a situation where we were so upset with a person that it seems like we might explode. But that dept of hatred is futile, because for the most part when we’re so filled with rage at a person, when our every thought is consumed by our anger toward them, it eats us alive. US. NOT THEM. They usually have no idea that we’re still holding that rage inside our heart, they’ve happily gone about their lives, while we burn and seethe all on our own. This is the shittiest feeling in the world, and when we find ourselves in these sorts of upsets we have two choices:

  1. let the anger go and move forward in peace
  2. or let it build and build and build until it pops

As we are witnessing these days, it would seem that sadly, we have a growing number of people who are unable, or unwilling to release their ugly hateful feelings, and replace them with love, kindness and gratitude.

Love for their fellow humans.

Kindness to the Canadian people who have done so much to help refugees feel welcome and at home here.

Gratitude to the country for accepting him, a refugee, and giving him a place of freedoms and opportunity to call home.

My heart and thoughts are with all those injured in the attack, and I pray that everybody makes a swift and full recovery.

With love,