How hard do you think it would be to petition for an extra hour/day???

There are not enough hours in a day. Not even close. At the end of a full day, without fail, there is something left on my “to do list” that didn’t get done. If I’m feeling particularly annoyed about all the fluctuating tasks that need my attention each, and every day, I might even leave multiple things that were meant to get done, to the next day. Because, quite frankly, sometimes I just want to stop being “busy.” I want to push the stop button on life, put my feet up, meditate, nap, meet with a friend for a good soulful catch up, or just do NOTHING. Nothing at all.

But, in our modern culture, there is so much pressure to do something. To be something. To accomplish more than just enjoying your time on this earth.

It’s weird to me. And I feel it much more when I’m in Toronto. There is an energy here that pushes living life wholly, to the background. My observation of my hometown is that every body seems to either be in a rush, or stressed out, or just plain not having a good time. My girlfriend, and I spoke about it over lunch today, because I wanted to see if I was the only person who felt this way about the changes that are happening here. I was relieved to hear that I’m not making it up, the energy has shifted in Toronto. So my question is why? What is different about Toronto today, then Toronto of the past?

I know for sure it is fucking expensive to live here, and there is a shortage of single family homes in the city core, forcing new Canadian’s, and young families move to the Suburbs, where homes are affordable. The problem with that, our infastructure isn’t good. The city was laid out without the foresight that it would eventually become the hub of the Country. So, for example there is only ONE FREEWAY that runs north and south, to bring the hundreds of thousands of people living in the suburbs, yet work downtown, into the city. Dumb. And, our transit system is so far behind on the expansion that should have happened twenty years ago, that people are forced to bring their cars. But once they get there, most of the parking lots have been replaced by condos, and the main arteries don’t allow for right, or left hand turns. So if you miss your street, you’re fucked. You have to drive almost to the waterfront, to turn around.

People are stressed, and I get it. It’s expensive, it doesn’t allow for easy access to your job, and you end up spending most of your time in your car, than your loved ones. Doesn’t sound like a recipe for joyful living, does it?

Would it help if we had MORE TIME? Would an additional hour, each and every day over the course of a week, a month, a year, give us some much needed ME TIME. Time to pour into yourself a hobby/interest that excites you, that inspires you, that feeds your soul, and puts joy back into your heart. An hour that nobody else on this earth could infringe on. Not your boss. Not your partner. Not the government. Not traffic. Not your family. Not your kids.

Nobody could touch your extra LIFE HOUR. It would be all yours, free and clear.

Who do we petition to make this a thing???

Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm…

So often you hear/read about how “procrastination” is a negative thing. I’ve decided, that I’m putting my own spin on, what comes across as something considered “non-productive” to convert it in my mind, as a healthy, positive, mental health choice. If by not doing the hundreds of things on our to do list, we take that precious time and instead turned it into ME TIME, how could it be anything but positive? It wouldn’t be negative, it wouldn’t be labeled procrastination, rather it would become: SELF LOVE, SELF HEALING, and it would be all good. Since we aren’t likely to get that twenty five hour a day, day, why don’t we vow to take one hour, of each day we do have, to give back to ourselves.

I dare you to.
xo SB