How hard is it to let "your yes be yes, and your no be no"???



Wow. I’m so sorry that I was whisked away into the vortex of Mother of the Bride/Matron of Honour land. I was even clever enough to put together a bridal shower committee. Oh yes I did. I’ve sat on enough charity committees, and school social events committees to know that the only way to have a successful party is to delegate, delegate, delegate. So I tapped the shoulders of three of my nearest and dearests, who I all know had the time and the talent to “get the job done” along with an amazing catering company and I thought, foolishly, that my roll would be diminished.

It was. But not nearly as much as I envisioned it, having my BBC gave me the false sense of security thinking I could keep up my regular daily life without issue. Not so much. I don’t even know if all my bills have been paid on time?! I know for sure some agent fees are WAY BEHIND, if you’re reading this, please know I’m doing them today!! I’m not complaining, AT ALL, hosting a bridal shower for one’s daughter, the first to be married is a true joy, I’m just saying that even though I was clever enough to enlist all these talented people to help out, it still required a great deal of my attention. Organizing the shower, combined with my best friend flying in from Cali, who unlike me is an early riser, made blogging before she woke; not an option, and doing it while she sat around waiting on me would have simply been rude. Which is why I made the call to just walk away for a few days, actually almost a week.

GOOD LORD I HAVE NEVER. It was like leaving my baby unattended, every single day I wondered how my blog was doing? If people were still coming to read what had been there before, would I lose traction, interest, steam…I did a bit, hits were cut in half, but thank you to those who still came to see if maybe, just maybe I had posted that day. I’m sorry that I let you down, but I’m also elated to see that I have acquired some new friends, who are now leaving comments. Thank you for your time, and thank you for reading; I appreciate you!!

One thing I don’t appreciate, and don’t understand…people who send their “regrets” the day before an event, or hell the day OF. I’m not talking about late RSVP’ers, these people I always count as NO’S, I’m talking about people who were YES’S who then change to a NO, in the 11th hour.

Like excuse me Deborah, how did you not know you were going to be out of the province, I don’t know a week before the party, so I could give better numbers to the caterers, instead of paying for food for X number of people and only needing it for Y number of people?? In twenty four hours I had five people cancel. What the fuck? I don’t know about you, but I was taught a very long time ago; “let your yes be yes and your no be no.”

Isn’t it that simple??

I have shared with you in the past how in the 11th hour I’ve pulled out of an event. But, I’ve always sent one of our girls to take my place. I don’t just let Yannick go all alone and stand there apologizing for the empty seat and the meal that was purchased for me. Hell I’ve even gone to showers when I couldn’t see straight from migraine or what have you. It’s just what you do.

If you don’t want to attend simply say NO. Nobody will be offended, like ever. You’re simply a NO for whatever reason you cannot make the event and that’s none of the planners business. When somebody is organizing an event they simply need numbers, it isn’t a “feeling” thing until you make it so by being you know, rude. When you’re paying $100/head for an event and five people don’t show up, that’s $500 of food in the trash. It’s just not cool to be that person. Pull out a good five days before, not five hours ladies, come on, we all know how this works. Don’t be a Deborah, be a Tania; who is my sister in law. She lives in Chicago, with two kids who don’t drive still at home, both competitive athletes, who’s hubby just left for a two week business trip. Even though she has all that going on, and she was just here last weekend for a hockey tournament she still flew in for less than TWENTY FOUR HOURS to toast her niece. Now, granted I get that there is blood shared there, but seriously. Seriously. Some of you live in the city and canceled the day before, hours before. I just don’t understand this, who doesn’t know how RSVP’n to something works??? We’ve all been doing it since we were little kids attending birthday parties, you’re either coming, or your not. Pulling out hours before??? This my friends will forever and always have me going “hmmm…”