Happy Birthday Brianna, one of the most grounded, rounded, bad ass brilliant women I know!

Happy Birthday my beautiful big girl.

Oh the things you have taught me. I remember the day the doctor told me that I was expecting a baby. Me, the girl with a few big dreams, and plans, none of which factored into them becoming a mother. I’m not really sure why I hadn’t thought of being a mom; was it because I thought I wouldn’t be good at it? Was it that I had dreams that I thought were “bigger” than that? Fame? Celebrity? Travel?

Even all these years later, twenty eight years (or twenty eight & nine months if we count gestation) to be exact, I don’t have a solid answer as to why motherhood wasn’t something I had ever given much thought to. I will say this though, I thank God for you every single day. I’m grateful for they way the universe brought you into my world, changing my life course, giving me a purpose deeper than being an actress on the screen. Had that path worked out for me would I have been married, or not? Would I have had a family at all? Would I have done all the traveling that I actually have done as a wife and mother?? I’ll never know what might have been if you had not deemed it so that we should be together.

All those times, those painful, dark times during my marriage to daddy, you were the thread that held it all together. You were the first one to come into our relationship and give me a reason to fight for the love he and I had, on the days when it would have been much easier to just walk away. You gave me so many reasons over the course of our twenty eight years together for making different, better choices. Reasons to look after my health, both mental, and physical. Reasons to have a couple more babies, so that you would know what it was like to be a part of a full family.

Let it never be forgotten that you truly turned my life around; both the life I had at the time, and the life I would have going into the future. And now, as we head into this next chapter of our lives together, I cannot wait to share the experience of getting you to the altar to marry your love, so that you too might have things happen in your life that you might not have ever dreamed of, but that come to you, and make your life more beautiful, meaningful, and wonderful than you could have ever hoped it could be.

I love you Brianna, happy birthday you bold, fearless, brilliant woman, and thank you.

Love, your Mutti