Am I the only Halloween party pooper??

I don’t get it. Not at all.

What is the fascination with Halloween?

I get why little kids like it, they get to dress up as their current favorite super hero, fairy princess, or mass murderer then go knocking door to door collecting their body weight in FREE CANDY. When I was a kid I LIVED for it. We lived in a four story apartment building, that had a sister building on the same property, we were allowed to go to both buildings, but after we got done we had to return home. There were more than enough apartment units to half fill a standard sized pillow case, and that loot would last me until Christmas. Heaven.

But adults? What gives here? Why are you all still carrying on the Halloween party? I don’t get it. Isn’t it about free candy? My Instagram feed is overflowing with high profile celebs at their other high profile friends epic costume parties and here I sit in my soul cycle sweatpants, a t-shirt with no bra on overjoyed that I didn’t have to come up with a costume and go to a party. Even though this is my year of YES, I’m here to tell you if I was in Toronto and had been invited to a Halloween party I would have said hell NO.

I don’t understand the fascination with it all, it truly makes me go “hmmm” even Yannick doesn’t get the hype surrounding this day. There are tons of articles explaining how we got to the Halloween that so many grown ass people celebrate today. My favorite article about the transition from its origin to what we see now was on the History channels website. Super fascinating detailed article, if you have ten extra minutes give it a read, and like me, maybe just maybe you’ll gain a little bit more insight into some grown ass people’s need to still celebrate it, even if there’s no longer any candy in it for them. To those adults who still go all out on “ALL HALLOWS’ EVE” have fun, and be safe out there. As for me, you can count me out, no candy, no costume; I’m much happier sitting here in my cozy clothes without a bra on.