How does a gun, ammunition and a "mentally unsound" person make it from Alaska to Florida in the first place???

The answer clearly isn’t MORE guns, Republicans. Nor is it training people how to use them properly, “the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun”. Ahhh well that doesn’t fly either NRA, since in the case of today’s shooting at the Fort Lauderdale Airport, an ex-National Guard, was the shooter. Which is a “good guy” no? Also the answer clearly isn’t airport security either. Because we all know the rigmarole we get put through to travel:

Take your shoes off.

Put your laptop in its own tray.

No liquids.

No gels.

Don’t wear your belt, or your watch, or underwire bra while going through the sensor, as it’s sure to go off. But not a unloaded gun. An unloaded gun in your suitcase WITH ammunition will get through security no problem; as long as you declare it.

WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK. How is this a thing that is allowed? And since it clearly is okay, you know what I’m most surprised about? I’m most surprised that this is the first time a shooting like this has occurred.

I mean I’ve heard horror stories about mothers who try to bring breast milk that they’ve pumped through security, so their infants would have something to drink while traveling. Not allowed. But guns? Fine. Bring them with you no problem. Insane.

Also, it is super important for airport security to pat down small children, and elderly people in wheelchairs at check points. Don’t call me crazy, I know you’ve seen it too. People being frisked at the security area in an airport that have no business being patted down. So, if they’re so fucking vigilant with all this screening, and scanning, and frisking, how the fuck did somebody check in a bag with a gun and ammunition in it, fly from Alaska, go into an airport bathroom and come out literally shooting? How on earth did this happen??? Who is to blame for making this a law? And if it is alright to pack guns into suitcases, then I have some bad news for you all. This won’t be the last time a shooting like this happens.

2017 isn’t really helping me out with my commitment to see all the good in the world. I’m truly trying to focus on the fact that I know there is still much out there, I really am. I limit my exposure to “news” since it is only ever bad. Yet it still gets through the cracks. The heartbreaking, upsetting, disappointing, horrifying information still makes its way into my day, no matter how hard I try to look for happy stories, or follow inspiring feeds. It’s still there. So much so, that for the second time in the first week of 2017 I find myself extending my condolences to all the mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, friends and lovers who lost somebody today in the shooting at Fort Lauderdale Airport.

Tonight when I lay my head down to sleep I will meditate on what is good in this world, what is good in my life, and will attempt to embrace, enjoy and revel in it without guilt. Because to be honest with you, what is really getting harder and harder to take, is knowing that my life, my kids, my loved ones are safe, and alive. Tomorrow my niece is getting married, I will instead focus my heart on the joy of a new beginning, instead of being overwhelmed at all the lives lost to senseless gun violence day, after day, after day.

Blessings to all tonight, and always.