Guess I'm not rock star material after all...

Friends, I’m exhausted, all this pseudo rock star living I’ve been doing, is way too much for me. Knowing that all my trips are at long last behind me, and I can stay put in my Cali house now until mid_may has got me unwinding in a very serious way. I’m both uninspired, and truly too beat to post about anything of any significance that makes me go “hmmm” today. I will say this though, and I’m not sure if you feel the same way as me; I do find it odd that people like sushi. That they really love it, and crave it. It’s raw fish. And that just sounds disgusting to me.

Don’t get me wrong, I go for “sushi” but I eat only cooked things, or go the vegetarian route. Tonight the girls and Yannick wanted it, so we went to Zooma Sushi, in Zuma Beach, and saw Camille Grammer there with her new, I’m assuming lover. Who I might add, is significantly better looking (not that that is terribly difficult to achieve) than her ex, who as we all know did her serious dirt. Good for you girl. Go get it! Anyway I digress, my family loves sushi, and I just sit there ordering things like, shrimp tempura rolls, California rolls, and other cooked rolls like that. They go whole hog, with the tuna, the snapper, the eel, you name it. Nope. No Thanks not for me.

Also, if working out is so good for us then why does it cause us so much pain. I can’t even move my neck today. I can’t be sure if it’s from my Soul Cycle class this morning weight section, or if it’s held over from training with my trainer in Toronto Saturday, and Sunday morning. Maybe it’s from changing beds? But that doesn’t make sense since I have the exact same pillow set up at both my houses, so my neck shouldn’t be thrown out of alignment from that. Maybe it was the sitting, standing, sitting for seventeen hours on airplanes, and cars yesterday? Perhaps my back is out, causing my neck to be out. Or maybe, just maybe, I’m getting OLD…that’s very likely since I’m 48 in a couple of months. Hard to believe how quickly life goes.

Also, you should know that Duke is killing the game. It’s as if he didn’t even have the surgery. What an incredibly strong, and healthy boy we were blessed with. I swear the first day we brought him home I wasn’t sure it would go well for him, or us. Then by the end of the second day, VOILA. It was like a miracle, and like it never even happened. Thank God.

As for me, like I said, my neck won’t turn right or left very well, so I think I’m going to sign off and go ask YB for a neck massage that lasts longer than two minutes. Wish me luck! Catch you tomorrow!