Guess I'll need to follow my own advice, moving forward.

The computer thing freaks me out. I don’t trust them. It took me forever to do any of my banking online. The entire thing creeps me out. It feels like the epitome of “big brother” and I know that I’m being “watched” because when ever I write an email with manufacturers names in the body, guess what happens next time I log into my email? Ads that are specifically for the brand of car I was inquiring about, or designers I was googling, pop up on my sidebar.

All of it makes me “go hmmm.”

Like I said, computers, the internet, google, all of it, is super creepy. And I don’t trust it.
So, knowing I feel this strongly about the damn things, and everything that relates to them you would think I would take precautions, and practice what I preach: “they can’t be trusted…don’t let your guard down…” You would think since I’m writer, and ideas pop into my head for TV show concepts, book ideas, literally EVERY SINGLE DAY, that I would back my shit up. Hourly, daily, at the very least.

But you know what? I don’t.

You want to know why? My answer is two fold: 1) because I actually don’t know how to. I don’t even know how to buy music, so I have none. Literally not one song. I only know how to write emails, write books, and Facetime on my laptop. That’s it, that’s all. Before you get all judgy, can you write a book/books or TV shows? No. Okay. I promise not to judge you, if you stop judging me.

2) And weirdly, even though I don’t trust them at all, I simultaneously have a bizarre high level of confidence in them. Which makes sense to me, since I’m a Gemini, with two distinct personalities going on. I’ve also watched way too many TV shows, and Dateline Mysteries where fucked up people always get caught out because of what was on their hard drives. So my thinking is my hard drive, no matter what, will always have my data on it. A.L.W.A.Y.S

Guess what.

This is not actually the case, I’m learning. Well, it’s not when your laptop gets completely and entirely submerged in water. No amount of rice could save it, or me. It also isn’t the case if you purchase an Apple MacBook in July. These are “mid year” models, which for some strange reason do not have the same easy peasy way of extracting the data from the hard drive as the full year models. Why?? Who knows? Only Apple does, and I doubt I’ll get an answer out of Steve Jobs…

So here I sit, waiting for the computer guy to show up, to pull out the hard drive, see if he can get any activity out of it. If he can, he alone can recover the data. If he cannot, because I don’t have any backups, it will go to a lab, where they will try to extract all the files from the hard drive, with lasers. This will take weeks. Sounds fancy, and expensive, because it is. But what other options do I have, since I have zero back ups…anywhere…

Thank God I’m married to Murdoch, who has deep pockets. Prayerfully there’s enough money to save the last five years worth of writing…

Please excuse me while I go cry in a corner because of my stupidity.