Is Green the new red, and stop the new go???

All right, so I touched on this briefly on my twitter earlier today; but seriously, is this happening EVERY WHERE IN THE WORLD? Or only in LA, and Toronto?

Is Green the new red?? Everybody seems to be sleeping right through these…

And is stop the new go??? Yet everybody seems to be running these…

It feels like while I was flat on my back for the past four days, something shifted in the world…people; and I mean peds, drivers, and cyclists don’t abide any more. Nobody is following the rules of the road. Like at all.



Stop signs are ignored, at best you get rolling stops, but mostly it’s people acting like they don’t even have one, so that they might get in front of you, to go sit at the red light. Which it seems most people are only stopping at if there are cars already there in front of them.

It’s like an absolute free for all out there on the roads, and I for one am freaked out. Am I the only person who has noticed this?

A few weeks ago, Yannick and I went car shopping. He hates my whip, and I love it. I love it because it is GINORMOUS, and everybody, for the most part doesn’t try, all that often, to push me around on the road. I mean, other than buses, 18 wheelers, and the like, there aren’t many vehicles larger than mine out there, and that’s how I like it.

But my vehicle sucks. It’s awful. Like totally brutal on gas, terrible at handling, IF we can even suggest that it’s “handling” anything other than, simply not rolling over on itself. But for me it’s like my fortress. It protects me, and keeps me safe from the fuckery, and stupidity that abounds on the roads these days. So, when we went car shopping for my next vehicle, I still picked this one. Even though, he begged, pleaded, and even tried to bribe me into something else. Like one of the Bachelorette’s, I chose the one that’s not even good for me, because the way it’s looking out there, I feel like I need all the help I can get, and for me that comes in sheer size.

So run your red lights, Mr. I’m So Important, and blast through that stop sign without even looking, Ms. I’m in a Rush…let’s just hope you’re lucky enough to run into somebody like me, and not a child, or some other poor unsuspecting law abiding citizen minding their own business expecting you to be following the rules of the road.

Because getting where you’re going will really be super important then, won’t it???

Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm…