If by the grace of God you don't require a handicap spot, then for the love of God don't park there.

All right, here’s the thing. If you are fortunate enough to not be handicapped, then you need to check yourself and stop parking in handicap spots, or fraudulently owning a handicap parking tag. I mean seriously, what the hell is wrong with people who do this? No, I mean really??? What is going on inside the head of a person who fraudulently displays, “owns” and parks in handicap parking spots??

I’ve already admitted to parking in the expectant mom/family parking spots all the damn time. I do this because I’ve earned my right to have close to the front parking. I have survived raising three daughters. I’ve lived/survived/thrived through my own puberty and theirs. These expectant moms are still in the honeymoon faze of being “moms.” Girl, seriously, get through one teenager and then park wherever the hell you please, and hopefully by then there will be a wine keg with a spout attached to the parking sign. Because you will have won the war sisters. I also park in these spots because, excuse you, but being pregnant/a mother is in NO WAY A DISABILITY. Like not even close. It’s a damn blessing. So many men and women on this earth want children yet are unable to have them, so please stop acting like being in that state/stage of your life is the same as a handicap, thankfully it is not.

Wow, I digress…end rant.

Back to my point of this post. I feel so disgusted when I see, every single time I go to Soul Cycle, this woman climb out of her giant 4×4 pick up truck, park in a handicap spot, then proceed to come into Soul, and sometimes ride double classes. Which means back to back. I’m not handicapped, and I’ve never dared to do this. Also, there was somebody in my extended family, who shall remain nameless, who is no longer a part of the family, who had a handicap sign from his young daughter’s battle with cancer, who even after she went into remission, after stage 4 horrifying, didn’t look hopeful or promising cancer, he continued to use the placard to park in handicap spots every where he went. Wow. Not cool. All sorts of wrong, and honestly, in my opinion, the karma of using handicap spots when you are not is just something I’m not willing to fuck with.

Now, before anybody writes me a whole whack of “not all disabilities are obvious” type emails, I know, I get this, I understand this to core of my being. I’m not talking about people with legit disabilities, I know people with disabilities that you cannot see with the naked eye, these are not the people I’m talking to, or about. I’m very clearly calling out the people who have nothing going on at any level who do this because they want the “privilege” of close parking. I mean, seriously?? By the grace of God you do not need that handicap spot. Park the 50, 100, or 200 feet away from the door, in our modern sedentary lifestyles all those extra steps can only be good for you.

This has been a PSA.

Also you’re welcome. I’ve probably just helped you make some deposits into your karma bank by getting you to stop parking where you ought not to be parking, I’m just that giving.

xo SB