Getting social media priorities straight. Outrage over a young YB smoking isn't it.

A lot has happened while I was too ill to blog…Doug Jones beat the pedophile out of his long held position in Alabama. Thank God for all the African American women, who according to stats turned out in record numbers, and voted AGAINST him. Yay, yay, yay!! Meanwhile, sadly, white middle aged women voted for him. I can’t even with that, so I simply will not. Nor can I even stomach the angry, petulant, childish tweets that #45 has made since his guy lost. All I will say is thank God I didn’t have the energy to actually even read anything for a couple of days, because it seriously would have put me over the edge. I’m also thankful that the world of social media news moves so quickly that it would take me a week of scrolling just to find all the insane tweets from Trump and his rabid followers. Which allows me to happily leave all the insanity behind, and instead of harping on all that remains wrong with the voting of that day, I will instead focus on all that is good, and right. With the most right part of all of it being the right man ended up with the seat in Alabama.

Though, no sooner are we celebrating, when we already have something else that we must take up a new fight against…Net Neutrality. WTAF? Like why? Which from what I understand is no longer a thing, since the American public lost the fight against being able to keep their internet open. Listen, I’m no business woman, so I seriously don’t understand the ins and outs of all of this, except that one thing I know for sure; is that one carrier shouldn’t be able to keep its customers from seeing other carriers product on the internet. It’s like saying I, the consumer, can’t shop at Saks and Neiman’s. If I’m paying the bill I should be able to shop wherever I damn well feel like it, don’t you agree? The government should get their asses out of my shopping/surfing business. Unless people, like Roy Moore are surfing child porn sites, then that shit needs to be shut down. But otherwise, seriously, it’s none of your damn business where I go when I’m on my internet server after I pay you my monthly bill.

Then this happened. Here’s me posting what I think are cute photos of me and Yanny Bissony from just before we met. But on no, it’s just not that simple. There are the people who are all up in arms today because I posted a throwback photo of Yannick and me, and in the photo YB’s holding a cigarette, and some people, whose stupid comments I deleted, have an issue with him smoking. Are you fucking kidding me??? Are we still here people?? Let me break this down for you, some of you might want to dial 911 in advance cuz what I’m about to type is probably going to give you a legitimate heart attack:

a) he was 18 in the photo, he smoked cigarettes, he also smoked weed, and truth be told, we were young, and we were lost, and we also did cocaine on a few occasions. Not proud of it, but hell it was the 80’s and we were experimenting.

b) Yannick is NOT MURDOCH. WILLIAM MURDOCH IS A FICTIONAL CHARACTER CREATED BY AN AUTHOR THAT YANNICK PLAYS ON TV. Yannick is an actual living, breathing, flawed and wonderful human being.

Truthfully though, today was the fifth anniversary of Sandy Hook. Innocent children gunned down at school. The bitterness and wrongness of it as fresh as the day it happened. To think about mother’s never being able to hold their babies again. Never being able to realize the dreams they had for them, causes my heart to shatter. I cannot imagine that pain. Heightened and made all the worse because they sent their children off to school. A regular place where children go, where they’re meant to be safe. No one would ever expect that sending their kids to school might be the last time they ever see them. But for some of the parents of Sandy Hook, it was exactly that. Heartbreaking. And here we stand with zero change to any of the gun laws having been made. Actually I take that back. If anything they’ve gotten even more lax. Why? How? It all seems like a terrible nightmare that we must wake up from. I pray that we do. But until we do I will think of the parents who are having the worst anniversary of their lives tonight, the anniversaries of the senseless deaths of their precious children.

May you find peace in your souls.