Get Centered Now So That Not Only Your Grandkids Benefit, But Your Kids Do Too!

Man, oh man is it ever hard to fit taking care of yourself into an already jam-packed schedule. No matter the age of your kids it seems like there is always a task that jumps out of nowhere requiring that you add getting it done to your already long list of things to do. My girls have all grown up, graduated university and moved out, yet there are days, I’m almost embarrassed to say where I still cannot get a grip on my list of things to do, and something slides. Some weeks the thing that has to fall by the wayside are my workouts, whereas other weeks it’s washing my hair, and shaving my legs. Sometimes I can’t even return personal emails. No matter what the thing is, it inevitably ends up causing me to feel like I’ve let not only myself down, but those around me too.

Why is it that I cannot keep ten plates spinning in the air simultaneously? Am I not a Super Super Mom?? I mean you think I would be since I’ve been at it for sooooo long. Thirty-three years to be exact. But, even though I’ve been at it a good long while I still have those days where something has to give. What I’ve learned along the way is that the one thing that I cannot, and no longer, ever, ever let go of is starting my day with setting my intentions for how I want my day to go, and who/how I want to be in the world for the day. I also make sure that I end every night with deep breaths while lying on my back, a hand on my heart chakra, giving thanks to the Universe for the three things that I’m most grateful for. Some days, my rougher days, my gratitude is quite simple, because it is all that I can muster. I say that I’m thankful for the gift of health. Mine, the health of my girls, and loved ones. Next up is I give thanks for the roof over my head, and for getting everywhere I needed to go in one piece, safe and sound. Other days I am able to expand on that and get all mushy and flowery with the Universe, that I love so much. But regardless of the day, and how it may or may not have gone my way, I find beginning and ending it like this has made the world of difference for how I handle all the other stuff in between waking up and going to sleep.

If you’re knee deep in your mothering there isn’t likely to come that reprieve of days on end with nothing but what you want to do penciled in in your daily calendar for a little while still. So why not begin these centering exercises now, so that by the time your little birds have flown the coop you will be a master at energy management and will be living your best free Momma Bird life. I on the other hand, spent most of my active mom years running around like the house had caught fire, I had fun, and lived to tell the tale, but let me share with you without shame or guilt, it would have been a whole better for all of us if I had put these practices into my daily life all those years ago. But hey, my grandchildren will definitely reap the reward, and isn’t that every grown ass kids major complaint anyway? That parents are way easier on their grandchildren than they ever were them? So yeah, get focused and centered today, so your grandchildren will get you, but like ON CRACK.


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