If you have to get in a car crash, the best case scenario is that nobody gets hurt, as was the case for Mikaela today.

Friends, what the hell is in the air??? Today, Mikaela was driving from her house to our house so that she, Dominique and I could drive into West Hollywood for some retail therapy…we’ve earned it. Anyway, she’s driving along, minding her own business, turns left from the PCH into her LEFT lane, because she’s a good and proper driver, and from the right lane, a woman a car length ahead of her pulls a U-TURN from the RIGHT lane across Mikaela’s LEFT LANE …and guess what happened???

Mikaela hit her.

OF COURSE MIKAELA HIT HER, HOW COULD SHE NOT HIT HER. She turned from the right lane, across Mikaela’s path to pull a u-turn over four solid lines; which HELLO everybody knows represents a concrete barrier to park, so she could go to the fair.


I would like to point out that 250 meters up ahead there is a left turn lane. A left turn lane where she could have safely made a left u-turn to go back up the hill to park so she could go to the fair and watch her adult daughter dance at the Chumash Festival.

The upside of all this, is that nobody was hurt. Not Mikaela. Not Dolores. Although, the impact of Mikaela hitting her rear driver’s side door, bent her rear axle. The tire was not happy; the car was un-driveable, and depending on the age of Dolores’s car, her insurance company might just write the entire thing off.

Now, I know that accidents happen. They happen every single day, and I would venture to guess that here, in California, they happen more often than normal; thirty three million people out there, I mean there are more than 27.7 million cars registered in the State. Friends that is A LOT OF CARS, which makes the percentage of likelihood that you will be involved in an accident pretty probable, so the way I see it, is if you can get them out of the way without sustaining any injuries then you are blessed, blessed, blessed.

More silver lining to this accident, after the fact that nobody was injured, is that Dolores, sweet older lady that she is; completely fully took ownership of the accident, telling both her insurance company, Mikaela, and the police officer that she didn’t even look before she turned. That she had absolutely no idea that anybody was there on the road beside her because she made the turn without looking. I’d say Dolores got a very serious wake up call today, and was incredibly fortunate that she didn’t hurt anybody. Perhaps the universe just needed to let little Dolores know that she’s not paying quite enough attention as she should, as an elderly driver out there on the roads. The other incredible thing that happened today. Dolores HAD INSURANCE. The other day, my girlfriend’s daughter was sideswiped while getting on the freeway, and the woman kept right on driving, probably because she was uninsured. I’ve had that happen to me once before, many years ago a guy rear ended me getting on the freeway got out from behind me, and just kept right on going before I even had a chance to fully take stock of what had just happened.

Mikaela got lucky, a little body work, a bit of inconvenience for our kid, and Bob’s your uncle. I mean if you have to have accidents pray to the universe that they be minor. But, that being said, everybody still needs to pay way more attention out there. You’re not alone. The roads are jam packed with other drivers, some trained, some not. Some are in huge rushes, running late, or just naturally impatient people, like me. None of us should take for granted that the other person is going to follow the law of the road. We also can’t assume that everybody will operate their motor vehicle the way we would; therefore we must leave room, which I for one, am soooo guilty of NOT doing, and we need to be on our guard at all times. And if we’re lucky, we won’t ever have a crash, but if we’re not so lucky, then at the very least we can hope to come out of one uninjured.


In closing, and way off topic: I hope you’re all doing something amazing with your evenings; YB and I are sitting here watching the sunset and are jumping to the conclusion that Will Smith and Jada Pinkett are hosting some sort of shin-dig at their home tonight. There are helicopters flying back, and forth over our property, multiple choppers, who we’re assuming are dropping the guests off. Because I mean who wants to drive to the Santa Monica mountains for a dinner party if they can be choppered in?

Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm???