I am fully committed to living a life of more, who's with me???

It has been a super strange week since returning from Haiti to say the least. Hell, it’s been super strange just being back in Toronto. Partly because we don’t have one of our boys, Mack, but also because something in me, and Yannick has changed. Neither of us can put our finger on what exactly it is, but it is something. We’re both feeling ready for more. Not more as far as what’s on our plates, because those of you who know us, and who read my posts also know that I certainly have more than enough to do. We’re not talking about having more in that sense, but I just feel like we’re both ready for other areas of our life, and dreams to start coming to fruition.

Lord knows I’m chomping at the bit for my books to happen, and become a thing. Other than just files inside my laptop. I also now have this YouTube channel and I need to figure out exactly what I should be doing with it. I want “more.” Not in a greedy way, but in a way that I now know it only takes $10,000 to build one house for 6-7 people in Cite Soleil. If I have “more” I can and I will do MORE. Imagine changing somebody’s entire life with just $10,000.

Please give me more, I will do so much more.

I know Yannick is having a year of “scaring himself.” Not unlike my Year of Yes. In fact he said that inspired him to put himself out there in ways that make him entirely uncomfortable. He did a mountain bike race for the very first time in his life, scared to death, but did it anyway. Awesome.

He took his car, finally at long last out on a race track and was taught by a pro-race driving instructor. It was life changing. He had a blast. He feels alive.

He fired a team of agents and managers that he had literally “no issues” with, other than he just wanted “more.”

We went and faced poverty. We looked deep in the eyes of hungry children. We were scared. Not for our lives, but for our hearts. We knew after we left we would never be the same. We now have helping the people of Haiti on our lists of “more.”

So often we’re raised to believe that wanting more is arrogant, or worse, sinful. That wanting more makes one appear ungrateful. I say that’s bullshit. We were not born to not want to get all we can get out of our one life. Not at all. What a terrible waste of the gift of life that would be. No. We were given and entrusted with the blessing and gift of life so that we would all get up every single day and ask to receive “more” out of this day. We are gifted with each day so that we would give “more” to those around us.

So my friends, make your own list of “more” and start going after it. After all, the more you have the more you give.