As a first time Matron of Honor, I need some serious help from you so I can throw a fabulous bridal shower for my bride!

Let me begin by saying thanks for all the loving, thoughtful, concerned messages some of you sent about my current health situation. I was touched, and truly moved. Thank you for taking the time to not only share your experiences with me but to also offer up some solid advice that might help. To bring you up to speed, so you don’t just “worry” about me, you will be pleased to know that 1) I am already on bio-identical hormones, and have been for years 2) had recent blood work done (I get it done every three months, since I am Peri-menopausal and shit changes, literally on a DIME) 3) my thyroid is in fine working order.

The issues I’m currently dealing with are the sort of stuff that naturopaths assist with, and although the two cleanses that I’m doing in tandem, are kicking my ass, they are for my own good and at the end of it all I’m confident I will be stronger, healthier and ready for ANYTHING.

Now, on to today’s post. Honestly, I’m struggling, and your advice would be greatly appreciated. I’m hosting Brianna’s bridal shower, but for the life of me I cannot decide where to have it.

A restaurant??

A party venue??

Somebody’s home??

My home??

I know a couple of things for sure, the date, and that I’m having it catered. I do not want to have to go purchase all the ingredients for the menu for the day, bring it home, and make all the dishes just for starters. Never mind the fact that on the actual day I’d have to plate it, replenish the dishes, make sure everybody has a drink, is eating enough food, and enjoying themselves etc etc. All while enjoying myself.

I don’t know what to do friends. Today Brianna and I even spent the larger part of the day together in the hopes of figuring it out…and we didn’t. We’re not one step closer to knowing what the hell we’re doing for it. Now I’m seriously feeling like I’m failing at the Matron of Honor role. Like what MOH doesn’t know exactly what to do for her bride?? Best friends would know what to do, shouldn’t I, her mother know even more what sort of shower to throw for her bride??

Yikes. The pressure is on my friends, it really is.

I have so many factors to consider; we literally have people coming from every corner of the GTA. We live centrally, so it sort of makes sense to host it at my house, because it would be fair to almost every single person attending since most of our family/guests will be driving a minimum of forty-five minutes in order to attend. I’m trying to be sensitive about where to hold it so that the traveling distances are “fair.” The only issue I have with hosting it at my house is that I know how I am. I’m a busy bee, and even though it will be catered, I would still have my nosy beak in the business of the food, the serving, and of course the drinks. Unless I can set my best friends up with the job of ensuring that I have FUN and not be all business, that might be the only way that will work. I know the priority is my bride, but I also feel like I need to take the guests into consideration, and do my best to ensure that everybody who attends not only has a good time, but also doesn’t feel like they’ve been inconvenienced by having to attend the bridal shower.

Guys, the struggle is REAL. I’m usually so clear about events, and planning, but this has got my ass kicked, and I truly cannot decide on the best course of action for a fabulous bridal shower.

So I’m reaching out to you for your input. Suggestions. Ideas and thoughts. I want to hear about bridal showers that you’ve been to that you’ve totally LOVED, or hated. I’m not too proud to steal anything you give me, so give it all to me!! I want this to be the most wonderful bridal shower that any bride could ever have, or that anybody has ever attended.

Okay, well that’s probably a tad dramatic and over the top, but you get what I’m after. I want to throw a wonderfully thoughtful, elegant bridal shower for my bride, without breaking the bank or creating a “mini” wedding. I just want to have one that I will enjoy attending and that will make her feel special, and the guests will walk away from feeling like they just had “an experience” not just another shower that took up half of one day of their weekend.

The lines are open friends, bring it on!