Why do some fans think "petting" Yannick is an okay thing to do??

I’m constantly amazed by how people react to my husband. To me he is good ole YB, who falls asleep too early for my nighthawk ways, and rises with too much piss and vinegar in the morning, for my anti-morning personality. He’s the boy I fell in love with, who grew into a most incredible man. One I could have never imagined he would become when we first begun dating, all those years ago. Organizations giving him awards based on his work, makes total sense to me. Even if he wasn’t my husband, I would agree with most everybody that he is in fact, a National Treasure. One that should not only be cherished, but honoured. He loves his country, he is loyal to it, and every chance he gets he shouts from the roof top that he is Canadian. He works side by side with me on all our charity endeavors, and uses his brand to help bring attention to them.

In short, he’s pretty spectacular, and I’m blessed that he is my partner in crime in this one life we have.

But, here’s the thing I don’t get, nor does he.

I don’t get how people, mostly women, feel it’s totally okay to “fondle” him when they meet him. Like imagine if the tables were turned? Imagine if Yannick walked up to women he didn’t know, grabbed them, pulled them in for unwanted hugs, and sometimes went as far to kiss them on the cheek, or pat their chests? All without consent.

Close your eyes and picture that.

Yeah, you’re with me. It wouldn’t go well. Women would have a great deal to say about it I’m sure. They would have a lot to say about it even as YANNICK BISSON, never mind if he were just a man moving through life, who just happened to be the uber friendly sort. So, since it would be so offside for Yannick to treat strange women like this, why is it seemingly okay for strange women to approach and touch YB in this way? It makes me go “hmmm.”

Just today a woman was stunned to open a solid door to have Yannick standing on the other side of it. She was, not surprisingly, taken aback to have him right there in front of her face holding the door for her. So what did she do? She promptly told him as much, and then told him that she loved him. All good, until she moved in to pet him. And this is where it all went wrong. I’m not saying he doesn’t enjoy meeting fans, or that he doesn’t appreciate fans stopping him to share how much he, the show, his work all means to them, because he truly does. I’ve said it before, if he doesn’t have a plate of food in front of him you can approach him to grab a chat if you should see him out and about, with no qualms. But pet him? Or come in for a hug without asking him first? Kisses on the cheek? These are all big fat nos. They’re as much a big fat no for women to do it him as they are for him to do to women. So let’s all agree, moving forward, so as not to make YB feel super awkward after a chance encounter with you; how about everybody refrain from petting him, or touching him at all, unless you’re taking a photo together and he asks you if you’d like to hug for the photo. Everything else my friends is as inappropriate toward him as it would be if being done back to you.

Can I get an Amen on this???

PHOTO CREDIT: @thekittyholland