Expiration dates and who decides them???

Something that makes me “go hmmm” every single day of my life, and judging by Jerry Seinfield’s stand up bit about them, I’m not alone; f’n expiration dates.

Where do they come from?

Who decides them?

And how does the decider know that he/she is correct in the date they’re stamping on all these food products? I’m gonna need somebody to email me the mathematical, or scientific equations that determine expiration dates, because honestly, this whole thing really makes me “go hmmm…”

A friend told me recently that he had read, or watched, an entire expose on how bogus these expiration dates really are. Which to be truthful, I’ve always sort of thought this way myself. So if I think this way, and he backed it up with having heard that they were, then why when I went to make myself lunch today, and reached into my pantry for some delicious apricot, pumpkin seed crackers, upon discovering that they had expired in January 2016, instead of testing the science he recently acquired, and my own healthy level of skepticism, did I relegate the crackers to my green bin?

Am I an expiration date slave?

Am I a nervous insecure consumer?

Or am I a trusting soul who knows that the people, whom I’ve never met, who make up these expiration dates are good solid folks that I should just trust. After all, it is their job to get these dates correct, right? I mean just ask your local weather person the importance of getting their jobs right.

Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm.