Why is everybody so serious, and what's with getting offended by something that doesn't even pertain to you???

I love the “you only agree with people who agree with your opinion” comment I received on one of the posts I wrote last week. Well yeah. Don’t we all??? I mean, I can seethe other person’s side, or point of view, even understand where they’re coming from, but if I have my opinion on a subject then why would I agree with somebody else’s? That means I would then have a change of opinion to your opinion or that of somebody else’s. Wouldn’t it be foolish for me to post an opinion based blog where my opinion was up for negotiation or if I was able to be persuaded to another argument, or point of view just because too many people don’t agree with mine? That would make me a noodle. Or at least in my thoughts it would. I feel as if I would be “wishy washy” if it were that easy to get me to change my mind on a topic that I’m passionate about.

People who think I only agree with people who share my opinion, I have this question for you: don’t we all??? That comment has me visualizing a lawyer standing up in a court of law presenting their side of the argument, we all know the scene well. Can you imagine if the defense began presenting their case, and then all of a sudden the prosecutor stands up and says; “Your honor, I would like to strike everything from the court record that I said earlier. After listening to this intelligent, and persuasive defense attorney I now agree with her/him.”

That would be ridiculous, would it not??

And, if my agreeing with people who agree with my point of view somehow makes you think less of me, then wanting to change me over to your way of thinking, or standing in support of your opinion should then make you the same as me. Wanting people to only agree with you and your side of the argument. I don’t get that rational at all. I just don’t understand what the statement was meant to convey to me? Or what the take away from it was supposed to be??? I’m legitimately confused as to what the point of it was, it continues to make me go “hmmm.”

Also, everybody who comes here is welcome to have their own opinions about what I’m saying, you can agree, disagree, and also not give a flying f*#k if you like. That is entirely your prerogative, and I completely respect that. I honestly do, and if you read the comment section of this blog you will see that all comments get posted, positive or negative. I’m not precious, if I’m going to be “an open book” and mouthy, I must take the good with the bad, and I’m ready to do just that.

Then there was the “freedom of speech” lecture I got. Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm. Okay, I see how freedom of speech works for that particular reader. It works in that you’re allowed YOUR freedom of speech to challenge me on how you didn’t like me name calling #45, but I’m not allowed to name call him??? Hmmm??? Also, #45 is allowed to name call absolutely every single person who crosses him, but I am not allowed to respond in kind? Why not? I’m not sitting in the Oval Office, I’m just a Toronto blogger with my own thoughts, and my freedom of speech which I can use as I want, as can you. But funny how people will challenge another with what they deem is misuse of their freedom of speech by attempting to censor, or chastise somebody else whose speech they don’t agree with.

Am I the only one who is confused by this? Please help me if I am.

Finally, the best thing that happened to me all week long was the ruckus my latest Huff Post article created.

Wow, wow, wow. I had NO IDEA it would blow up the way it did. Neither did my PR team, and quite frankly I’m pretty sure Huff Post didn’t either.

I love people. I love how wonderfully sensitive everybody is these days. Insert eye roll here. Honestly, when I read an article on a topic about parenting, or being married, or you know murderers, anything really, I don’t get offended. I don’t attack the writer, if the article doesn’t apply to me. You know what I do? I tell myself that a) it was either an article I thoroughly enjoyed, or b) don’t ever think of it again. Meaning I don’t automatically think the article pertains to ME. If there is information in an article that I find helpful, useful, or informative I store it in that part of my brain, otherwise away it goes. Never to be thought of again.

But man, oh man, so many people got HOT UNDER THE COLLAR. I was like WOAH people, if you’re not raising a sociopath, if you’re not plopping your boy down in front of video games, and you’re calling him out on his rage, then YAY YOU. The article didn’t apply to you. So why get your knickers in a knot? If it doesn’t apply to you then you should be writing me saying; “Thanks for putting that out there Shantelle, because, yeah, your right our world does need to be a better place, a safer place for my son, whom I’m working so hard on making a responsible global citizen to grow up in.”

I mean, that’s how I would have reacted. Why take offense over something that doesn’t even pertain to you? Who has all that extra energy, and where can I get some??? Seriously message me and let me know, because this perimenopause is kicking my ass!!!