Everybody "knows" Celine Dion, but lately the Diva is EVERYWHERE. What gives???

Is it just me or is Celine Dion EVERYWHERE these days????

I mean, I honestly feel as if I haven’t seen as much of Celine in her entire career as I have this past month. And it’s not like she’s just you know stomping around where she lives grabbing groceries, or chilling with her kids. No. When you’re a Diva being photographed doing that sort of stuff is so basic, and pedestrian. When Celine puts herself out on the world stage she goes LARGE. She’s all over Europe, she’s posing nude for Vogue’s Instagram, she’s hanging out of the sunroofs of cars. She’s totally hip and cool, and HOT. But getting back to the biggest surprise of all that I said…Celine NUDE?? I’ve NEVER SEEN Celine pose NUDE friends. Have you????

What gives?

Is there a new song coming out? An entire new album? Dare I say, a new lover???

I’m not judging her at all, not even for one second. This is an honest question about why all of a sudden does it seem that she’s so into fashion? I had no idea she was friends with Olivier creative director of Balmain, or that she was such a fashionista. Every photo I’ve seen of her looks better than the one before.

When did this happen? Where have I been all these years, have I never really known Celine at all??? Seriously guys, I’m totally weirded out by what appears to me to be a whole new Celine that we’re seeing. She’s always been so private. I feel like she was totally one of those artists who did her job, and went home. Apart from singing her songs on award shows when they were nominated I would never “label” her as “Hollywood.” And yet somehow she seems like that’s exactly who she is. I don’t say this in a negative way, I say this as a way to express that I’ve honestly never pegged Celine to really care all that much about her hair, her makeup, her wardrobe; off the stage. She’s just always seemed like a casual, good ole Canadian girl, who just happens to have like seven octaves in her vocal range. (Or something like that anyway.)

I for one LOVE LOVE LOVE this new and wild Celine. Celine driving through Paris standing up on the back seat of her chauffeured car, foot up on the roof, sticking out of the sun roof waving, looking fabulous. Girl you go get it. She’s been with one man since she was thirteen, and although she loved him with her entire being, it seems as if our Canadian Icon is ready to claim her rightful place as one of the greatest divas that has ever lived out in the “wild.” To me, it appears that her mourning days are over and she’s ready to grab her life with both hands and live it to the fullest, and to that I say; “Why the hell not Celine. You’re young, you’re brilliant, you’re talented, you’re a devoted mother and you’re one of the most amazing vocalists this world has ever seen, go live! Be free girl.”

I for one also think she doesn’t look anywhere near 49, at least not in the photos I’ve seen. I also need to be dead honest, I’ve never had any desire to see the fist pumping diva live in concert, but this new reborn version of Celine, I gotta say, I just might have to buy myself some tickets and go check her out.

A New Day has come Celine, A New Day Indeed…

Let the rain come down
And wash away my tears
Let it fill my soul
And drown my fears
Let it shatter the walls
For a new sun
A new day has come
A new day has come