Have you ever encountered a thoughtful hacker???

Today, I woke up to multiple emails, and text messages from a bunch of my contacts, informing me that my email account had been hacked. Thankfully this, up until now, has never happened to me. I spent the better part of my day sending out apology emails, and confirming that it wasn’t from me.

The thing that struck me as most odd about the entire thing, is that the email that was sent, supposedly from me, came with the request for a password to access the file.


So hold on.

Somebody went out of their way to hack into an email account, managed to send, what I’m assuming is a virus, to an entire contact list, yet they made it so that the recipient would need a password in order to get the virus to open?? What?? Why?? What is even the purpose of hacking? What is the satisfaction in sending a virus that requires a password to open and download the virus, and then not sending said password?? Is this the work of a thoughtful hacker? A hacker with a conscience? Is that a thing? Who is this hacker, and why do they hack in this manner?

It really makes me “go hmmm.”

Where’s the drama? The consequence?

Is this hacker, like just starting out? Getting his/her hacking strips? Getting their hacking game down to a science?

I just have so many questions.

Who are you little hacker? Apparently you live in Turkey. What do you want with me, and my contacts? What is your end game??

Maybe it’s the Bisson family troll??? Could be. She seems to be a rabid dog, one who has latched on to our family for some inexplicable reason. Maybe she’s intelligent enough to be a hacker, as well as a troll??

Actually, no, that’s not possible, her spelling is atrocious. There’s no way she’s capable of being an email hacker.

I’ve always thought this about hackers. If they’re so fucking intelligent, to get beyond firewalls, and all the other shit that goes into making sites, email accounts et al secure. Can you imagine what it would be like if these same people used their powers for good instead of evil??

The cures they could find for diseases. Solving climate change. I mean this list goes on, and on, and on. It would be amazing to witness the things they could do if they flipped their switches.

I want to live in that world…