On the eve of International Women's Day I celebrate one of the greatest feminists; to you he might be Murdoch, but to me, he is my strength, my soul, my blessing.

On the eve of International Women’s Day I want to extend my gratitude to a man who is the biggest fan of women that I’ve ever met. My husband, Yannick, is truly the kindest, most considerate, and loving man I’ve ever encountered. After living the first 13 years of my life with a neglectful man, my father. A man, who no fault of his own, it’s not as if he had any positive role model to go off of, could have cared less if I was even alive, and then the assault from two other men, and an attack from males that I went to school with…shit, let’s just say I didn’t have much hope/faith in the male species to be anything but shitty to me…I was gifted the greatest man of all. In my heart I didn’t for one second think that I could find a man, a love, that would last my lifetime. In fact, I’ve done my absolute best to sabotage it. To kill it. To abuse it to the point where he would never want me again. I’ve tried everything I could think of to make this man, my husband, become an enemy to me.

Yet he never did.

He didn’t bite.

He definitely got his heart broken, his soul crushed by me, but he never gave up on me. He never quit. The worse I was, it seemed like he only loved me more. The harder I attempted to push him out the door, the closer he held me.

I’m blessed. I was shown the worst side of men, and then the universe gifted me him. The purest, kindest, most loving side of a man that there ever was.

Our girls are also blessed. There is not a topic that they cannot speak to him about. There is no story they can share that he won’t listen and support them in any way they need. He is not neglectful. He is hands on. He is fun. He is thoughtful. He is strong, and he is their benchmark for what a man should be.

On the eve of International Women’s Day I’m thankful to have the love, support, wisdom and solidarity of one of the greatest feminists I know. My husband, my lover, my best friend, my strength. Here is to all us incredible rock star women and all the men who are right there beside us. It is not us VS them. We women, and men all together make up human kind, and we must stand united. We must all have the same rights over our bodies. We must earn equal wages for equal work. And we must be respected by the opposite sex when we say no. We must be allowed to cry, and not have that lessen our worth, or our credentials.

Thank you to my man who knows that without women, this world is worth nothing. Thank you to my husband who assisted me in giving life to three more bad ass, strong, independent, worthy females. I love you for loving me/us with all your heart and getting us no matter what day of the month it is.

I am blessed. You are blessed. We are blessed together.