If I had eight arms, two heads, and six more hours in a day, then would I get it all done???

What a day! I keep thinking the load will get lighter, but then a day like today happens. Honestly, we women need eight arms, two heads, and an extra six hours in a day. The six extra hours we would use for sleeping.

Wow! I can’t believe what I accomplished today, damn.

So, here’s the thing; please don’t email me your reasons for voting for Trump. I don’t want to hear them, nor do I feel there is even one good reason to have voted for the man. So many of you use the same one…Hilary is a crook. And Trump ISN’T? Stop. He totally is. He’s never paid taxes. He’s admitted that. He stole for students, with his fake university. He openly sexually assaults women. So just don’t email me. There is not one good reason. Never mind the more important fact that he has no policies. This is a giant red flag as to what the hell he’s actually going to do when he takes office. He has not one solid plan. Just a lot of gibberish, and words like it will be “great” or “fantastic” or “the best” are not plans. There is nothing you could write to me in an email that would get me thinking for five seconds that you made an excellent choice in voting for him, so please stop. I will still like you, I will still wish you well in every minute of your life, but I will not agree, and I honestly do not care to hear all your reasons why. Keep them to yourselves, and for your sake, I pray that all of us who are wondering what the days ahead will bring, are proven wrong. I hope he gets amazing shit done in, and, for America. It is my second home. One of my daughters is an American, I want nothing more than the well being of this country. I want nothing more than unity, and peace, to reign supreme, and I pray that all the racial divide will come to an end.

Also, for one of my favourite ladies, you know who you are, who wrote me to ask if I listened to Obama’s speech. Yes, yes I did listen to Obama’s speech. I also think you missed the point of my post yesterday. What I was asking, and perhaps it wasn’t clear, was, did Trump listen to Obama’s speech? It always appears that he never listens to anybody who talks of love, American pride, and all the amazing accomplishments that have happened over the past eight years. It seems to me that after a democrat gives a heartfelt, let’s unify, let’s remember we’re awesome, and let’s all walk together to continue to heal, and grow our nation, Trump comes out, like an arsonist, starting fires where there are none.

Actually, let me rephrase that. He has already lit so many fucking fires, what Trump does, is after Obama comes out and tries to put the fires out, calling for unity, and support for their new leader, to remind his supporters that what good they do for their country is never in vain, regardless of who sits in the Oval Office. Trump within hours gets his fucking gasoline tank and starts pouring fuel on the embers…always making sure that the fire, the ones that he started, never go out.

It seems he wants division. It seems like he wants it to be an “us” and “them” situation. I don’t get it, and that my friends is what is unsettling to me. I don’t get why this man-child can’t just let the tides of calm wash over him. It absolutely makes me go “hmmm” that this man, soon to be President prefers his country divided, and this is what turns my stomach. This is the part about him, for me anyway, that is most dangerous.

But as for this Canadian, Green Card holder, I’m going to bed. It’s been one hell of a long, blessed (taped another episode of The Goods today! Always a great time)day, packed up all the bins that need to go in our cars that are being shipped to California tomorrow. Booked airline tickets…we have to fly since Y.B’s shooting schedules are so condensed that we don’t have a stretch with enough time to drive. Which makes me sad. I love our road trips back and forth to our place in Cali. But, I just keep telling myself, there is a very good reason why the universe doesn’t want us driving the RV this time around…so I’m just letting it go; bucking up and flying the boys this time around.

Fingers crossed, I get the remainder of all that needs to come with us into four suitcases…

xo Shantelle