Are Ebikes cars, or bikes???

If you know anything about me, and hubby Yannick Bisson, we spend our winters in LA, Malibu, to be more specific. And it’s always a huge adjustment when we return back to Toronto, a big, bustling, crowded, city. We’re used to restaurants shutting down by 10pm, last call for anything off the menu is 9:45pm if you’re at Nobu. Either way, Malibu is sleepy, in its busy-ness…and there is one thing that I always forget even exists while I am there.


They are a thing. Like a lot of people use them in Toronto, like TOO MANY people use them in Toronto. And the thing that makes me go “hmmm” about this mode of transportation, well actually there are MANY, but to save time, because it’s late, the main thing that I ponder when I see them ALL OVER THE PLACE. Like LITERALLY ALL OVER THE PLACE. They ride on side walks, they use the bike lanes, they, as in the case of today, drive in front of you on a major artery. As in IN FRONT of me…like a car, yet they aren’t a car. Are they? I know they have no licence plates on them, which causes me to assume that they are NOT LICENCED therefore they aren’t motor vehicles. But she was driving in front of me, in my lane, on the road, doing 40km/h…so are they cars??? Because when a truck cut in front of her and slowed her down, you know what she did? She took her ass into the bike lane.

Oh! Ok! So now you are a BICYCLE?? Because two minutes ago you were behaving like a car, and now you’re riding in the bike lane, which makes me think you are a bike…and then she came upon a parked car, and without even checking I bet you can guess what she did. Without signaling, because she didn’t have any indicators, or making sure her way was clear, because she’s not a licenced driver who follows the laws of the road, she just cut back into the live traffic because she decided that now, she wanted to be a car again…

Oh, and the killer, she was wearing high heeled flip-flops, totally approriate E-bike footwear.

But I have to ask, because I’m beyond confused. What are E-bikes??? Are they cars, or bikes? And what the hell am I supposed to do about the next one I come across who is blocking my flow???