Driving a car is not the time to be making videos. Or does this mean I'm just getting old???

I love music. I also love dancing. I used to not be able to get behind the wheel of my car without blaring music and having a party in my car. So I totally get the obsession with playing your favorite songs while you drive. All three of my girls do it, and Yannick does it as well. Me though, I’ve become more quiet these past five years, so when I’m in my car these days I usually have my car silent. It’s my time to think through my day, to not have to talk with anybody, answer any questions, or solve any problems. I also find the quiet of my car incredibly therapeutic. This is not to say that I don’t enjoy a good party in my car from time to time, because I do. Although my mental block with working iTunes and creating play lists really has this happening less and less. So it’s not that I’m not because I’m not a huge music fan that I’m writing this post. This is not it at all. I’m writing it because what I don’t enjoy are all these videos I see on social media of people recording/filming themselves while driving.

Sorry but it’s dumb. I don’t care that you’re having a party in your car. What I care about is that you’re driving with both hands on the wheel and not constantly looking in the camera to make sure you still look cute while lip syncing.

This is beyond asinine. Like seriously. What is our world coming to that you would put so many people’s lives in jeopardy for a super cute, look how cool and fun I am on social media. You’re not cool, it’s not fun. Actually I take that back, it’s probably all kinds of fun for you, but wouldn’t be for whomever you crash into.

Listen, I’m sure I’m going to get all sorts of messages saying shit like; “I’m not holding my phone it’s in a holder.” Or, “what’s the difference if I record myself singing or not, I’m still dancing and singing in my car even if I wasn’t filming it.”

People. It is still distracted driving. Because unless you’re looking in your rear-view mirror 1000 times while you’re singing to make sure you look super cute, the same way you keep checking the camera, it’s totally different. The bottom line is you are not being safe. You are still distracted.

Personally I blame James Corden and his Carpool Karoke for the spike in this trend. And although I LOVE Carpool Karaoke, I do find it slightly irresponsible to put that out there in the world. The reason I say “slightly” irresponsible is because I happen to know, from being in the industry, that his camera set up would be more of a “permanent” situation. Meaning he’s not got his phone in his rinky dinky iPhone dash holder. Meaning there’s no chance in hell it will slip and fall in between his feet causing him to make a sudden maneuver to try and grab the phone. Which I also don’t understand. We say a chick go flying across four lanes of traffic at 120kmh off the road and landed on the guardrail, all because she was picking up her phone that fell. Leave the phone on the floor of your car if it falls people.

Seriously people. It’s not that serious. You know what is serious? Staying alive while out on the roads. That’s a top priority every time you get behind the wheel. For the love of God please stop with the fucking driving and making any videos when you drive. Just drive…I’m talking to you daughter of mine who knows who I’m talking to.