If you don't tell anybody about getting fillers in the first place, is it really necessary to tell people when you "take them out"???

I get people who don’t live their lives on blast. People who don’t want everybody to know every little thing about them. I’m more of an open book, don’t get me wrong there is plenty about me that a very few people know, but I tend to hold to the belief that our lives happen to us as they do so that we might share our experiences and help others through their own personal struggles. For me, I’ve always enjoyed life a little bit more out loud. Which is why I find it fascinating that a few days ago it was “big news” that Courtney Cox, a woman who has been more on the private end of the spectrum announced that she had all the fillers in her face dissolved. I don’t find it interesting that she spoke out about it, or that she had them dealt with. I find it fascinating that she talked so frankly about removing them, but was mum on having any in the first place. From what I know about her she’s never actually admitted to having them, I mean it was terribly obvious, her work was quite severe, so maybe she didn’t feel she ever needed to shout from the rooftop that she was a fan of fillers, since you’d have to be naive to not know that she was working with a doctor who was anything but subtle with their work.

Listen, you know I use filler and Botox. Although, like Courtney I’m currently exploring new technology to help keep my face from joining my breasts on their quest to make the acquaintance of my hip bones. I get where Courtney is coming from, eventually, even in the case of my super conservative doctors, I have one in LA that I work with along with the one I work with in Toronto, I too feel like the fillers aren’t the answer to keeping a youthful look. I haven’t done any fillers since November, save for my lips, I will always and forever do my lips, sorry but I’m not looking to have slash mouth. That’s not a look I’m after, thanks, but no thanks. For me it’s the cheek filler that I’m over. It just seems to accumulate in all the wrong places, and no matter how infrequently I “add” to it the outcome seems to be the same. Fuller, less natural bulbous cheeks while smiling. I like smiling, I do it a lot, but I find the filler makes me look more Priscilla Presley and less Demi Moore. I would prefer to age like the latter, or like Helen Mirren when I get way up there. Both are aging goals.

So I’m 1000% with Courtney on her quest to get her face back, I just don’t understand why she went public about taking it out when she was never bold enough to admit to having put it in her face in the first place. Look, I get it. Some people are more about privacy, and feel like what they do with their face and their bodies is really nobody’s damn business, and I’m cool with that. But in my humble opinion if you’re going to play the; “it’s nobody’s damn business what I do with my face and body card” then I think you gotta see that attitude through. Otherwise it looks like you’re creating “news/hype” about yourself when maybe people simply aren’t paying enough attention to you anymore. I’m not saying this is what Courtney is doing, I’m simply saying that to me, it smells a little bit like that. I mean come on Courtney, I for one always knew you had them. I’ve also always thought that for a woman with as much money as she has it was so odd that her work was so bad. Like painfully bad, maybe not BOTCHED bad, but terrible enough that it just never made sense why somebody like her, with access and wealth walked around in the world the way she did. Maybe it’s because the problem with fillers is you very quickly get used to how you look with them, forgetting what your natural face used to look like. You start to use the injection filled face as your baseline and that’s when it gets dangerous. That’s when you start to over do it and begin to look like there are a couple of chipmunks hiding out in your cheekbones. This certainly was the case with Courtney, so I completely understand why she not only pulled the plug on getting them, but why she went so far as to have them dissolved. Now what I’m waiting to hear is if she announces a new TV series, or hell if she’s lucky a feature film. There has to be something behind this “big announcement.”

Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm