Why don't we praise Audi, honor Lady Gaga and just all get along???

Last night, unless you like don’t have cable, internet, a wireless device, or live under a rock, was Super Bowl Sunday. As you certainly know by now, the Patriots came back from a dismal, no way they could win it game, to WIN IT. Reminds me of everybody saying that there was no way Trump would beat Hilary, because she was TOO FAR AHEAD. Me, I’m a sports fan, I remember one time, back in the day in the 90’s when my brother in law played for the Detroit Red Wings, he scored three goals (on his own) in the third period, within five minutes to win the game for his team. As a sports fan, I’ve grown up knowing that it isn’t over, until it’s over. Nothing in my entire life, has proved this point more than the comeback that I witnessed last night. The bottom line is, anything can happen in sports exactly like it did last night. The Patriots were down for the count come half time, and then it was as if Lady Gaga’s epic performance breathed new life into the underdogs; who at 8:06pm game time, had a 91% chance of LOSING. In the end, the most wining quarterback, who was looking like the biggest loser, came back from half time to not only win the Super Bowl, but to slay it.

Well done Patriots, well done indeed. Hopefully there is no deflate-gate this time around T.B????

Anyway, I’ve had a full day, taping The Goods, month end, regular bills, emails, invoicing people, a big surprise for YB that I’ve organized and I truly don’t have the time to give you a full blown post. So what I want to do instead is give you all a link to a commercial that I feel KILLED IT last night. This for me, is one of the most powerful, beautiful messages I’ve ever witnessed in 60 seconds or less, in a very long time. Link below.


So this ad is getting a ton of heat from people with far too much time on their hands, who are bitching about the fact, that apparently Audi doesn’t actually employ very many women.

Excuse me??? Sit the fuck down. Between people bitching and moaning, saying Lady Gaga wasn’t “political enough” last night, and now this? What is that expression? You can’t please anybody, ever anymore? Seriously. I say she did an incredible job of picking her songs that put the message of exclusivity, you’re loved just the way you are, God Bless America, we all bleed red at the end of day, forward last night. What more would you have her do??? I think it was the perfect way to let the administration know that she stands with everybody who does NOT stand with them. And I say fucking bravo.

Now, back to this Audi ad. Listen. For those people who are splitting hairs over the fact that they don’t physically employ many women…can we just stop and catch our thoughts for five hot seconds? I mean, the reason they probably don’t have many female employees is because there just aren’t that many bitches out there BUILDING CARS. So be it. At least Audi is a HUGE car manufacturer willing to stick their necks out on the line during these politically tumultuous times, to say the women they do hire, get equal pay for equal work. At least Audi is saying that they, believe women are worth as much as men. And isn’t this a GOOD THING????

I think it’s a fucking awesome thing. And I think instead of looking for what they are NOT doing, how about we all put on our fucking happy hats, for five minutes and celebrate what this ONE car manufacturer is doing. I mean I don’t see the big American car guys making commercials to tell the world about how much they value women. Why don’t all the bitching and moaning people fill the US car builders feeds with complaints, and leave the Audi message boards for messages of gratitude.

Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm…