Why don't people just do what they say they're going to do???

Today’s post is going to be short and sweet because it is a travel day for me. I’m heading back to the6ix after an overwhelming and frustrating two weeks dealing with a general contractor, who had done all the initial renovations to our Cali house. He did great work, not excellent work, but this house is rustic that we weren’t looking for the same level of sleek sexy high end work that our Toronto home requires. We enjoy the little flaws and “quirks” this house has going on. He got the house move in ready within two weeks the first time he worked for us back in 2014 so we didn’t hesitate in hiring him again. But it seems as though something has changed, he’s scattered, he’s disorganized and his work is filled with errors and do overs. He will definitely never work on our home, or anybody else we know who in the future needs renovations done on their house. And as was suggested to me earlier via twitter, I’m going to make him wait for his final payment, just as he’s made us wait on our bathrooms to be completed, after all this isn’t the four-six weeks he promised us.

I also don’t understand the circle jerk, dishonest chatter that takes place out in the world of work opportunities. I mean I totally don’t get that at all. It’s like hire me or don’t hire me. Don’t tell me something is going to go a certain way and then not only does it not go in the direction that was promised, it literally doesn’t go anywhere at all. This is something that has always made me go “hmmm” when people say something to your face about how they’re going to utilize your talents and then they just don’t do what they said they were going to do. Then you see them for YEARS at functions, events, you see them around all the time and it’s just awkward. So awkward. This my friends has happened to me more times than I can honestly count, to the point where I’ve literally stopped trying to act or sell TV show concepts. Because I can’t stomach this dance that I get dragged into instead: “I’m going to not say yes or no to you because I know I’m going to see you around for years, and your husband is a big deal in this country, and I may want to put him on a show of mine in the future, so I’m just going to sort of give you a weird non-answer that keeps you in limbo for like 2, 3 or 5 years because I don’t want to be rude…”

Bitch please I have news for you. This thing that you’re doing right now is way more rude than if you had just been straight forward in the first place. If you want to say no to somebody, say NO, at least then that person, for example ME knows where you stand and that’s cool. Because that is real. I can handle real. I can process real. What I cannot process or understand is limbo make believe let’s work together land. That’s a town I have no interest in residing in, yet you’ve put me there by not being straight up.

I mean come on people, just speak your truth. With love. With respect. But be truthful, and don’t drag me or anybody else along behind you because you’re too nervous about telling us how you really feel, or how long it’s really going to take to renovate my bathrooms, because maybe you have thirty other houses on the go, and you rotate your crew or whatever the fuck you do to make your business work. No open honest dialogue is a lose lose for both parties. So can we all agree to just let one another off the expectation hook by starting any relationship with honesty? If we do this, we will all be much happier in the end, and I’ll need way fewer vodka martinis in my life.

My liver thanks you,