Why don't people behave at airports the way they do in real life?

I feel like my life has been a whirlwind ever since Brianna and Craig became engaged last December. I cannot believe that the time has come once again to get on the plane and set off for our Cali house. I fell blessed, but I also feel super confused…what time zone am I currently living in, and where are most of my things. The dogs are also watching us with skeptical side glances all the day long. They’re always like this when we get home after “abandoning them.”

Thailand was an incredible trip, one that I will remember fondly, and most likely a place I will return to. It’s been so many years since I’ve been that far from home, when we used to live in New Zealand, and I’ll tell you that times have certainly changed. Airport travel, is not at all the same as it used to be. It seems to me that people no longer understand that the rules that apply in life, still apply at an airport. For example, wait your turn. If somebody is in front of you to either get on or off the plane, don’t attempt to shove past them, we’re all going to the same place anyway. We’re about to sit our asses down in the same tin can for the same amount of time, what difference does it make if you make it there before me? It truly makes me go “hmmm…”

Then there is my new personal favourite travel trend: Standing at the luggage carousel with your luggage cart in front of you, pressed against the metal as if it’s going to suddenly grow arms and lift your suitcase onto the cart by itself. Why is this? Why are people doing this? Who does it help?? I can’t even tell you how many times during our trip to Thailand and home we had to literally put our elbows out to get to our luggage before it went back around and outside for the up-teenth time. This way of being doesn’t expedite the travel process, like at all. So why don’t we all just stand back and move forward when, and only when we actually see our luggage coming around the bend? This will expedite travel, trust me.

Some thing that actually expedites travel. Living breathing people. If I had a dollar for every single automated customs machine that I see with an out of order sheet across it I’d be rich. Let’s maybe do away with this increasing trend, I swear what’s next, planes that fly themselves??? I mean, technically they already do, but you know what I mean. Soon we won’t have flight attendants, we’ll have robots, and no pilots in the cock pit. Frightening to think of, but not far off it seems.

And in closing to answer some of the questions that many of you have asked. There are two reasons why it was only the FIVE BISSON’S on the Thailand trip.

  1. Craig is deathly allergic to nuts, and Thailand has nuts in pretty much every single thing they serve, so it’s not worth risking his life for a family vacay.
  2. This is a Bisson family tradition. It is a trip, the only trip we take these days, due to the girls busy adult lifestyles that allow us to spend focused time together as a family. Also, this was the last of its kind, with it being the trip that Mikaela chose to celebrate her 21st birthday. Craig, as much as he is a part of the family through marriage, isn’t part of this tradition. But don’t any of you worry, we’ll have plenty of other family traditions that we can put in place that include him moving forward.

Now I must leave you all, another plane awaits me.