Don't you love it when your faith is restored???

Sorry for the super late post…what a week this has been. The renovations of our three bathrooms are drawing to a close, but not without my prodding of the general contractor every single day. Not only am I breathing down his neck calling him out on his timelines, but I’m also running multiple errands DAILY to go get shit that technically he should be getting, but with my end goal being to just get the bathrooms DONE a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. So off I go, here, there and everywhere. I had the plumber tell me today; “Wow with you here things are really moving along.”

Yeah. Yeah they are Ulises, I am a woman, a woman who knows construction. Yannick and I flipped houses to help pay the bills when there were no acting gigs. Which means that I know when you put the wrong valves for the shower controller in the wrong bathrooms but the tiles have already been installed) the only way to get those valves out of the wall without breaking the tiles is to go at them from the back. You cut open that drywall and get the valve out. Which is what they did, on one bathroom anyway. Sadly the master with the marble has its back wall in the staircase making it impossible to get at, so out came five pieces of marble instead. But alas, new pieces have been reinstalled and it’s ready for shower fixture install tomorrow. This has taken EIGHT WEEKS people. EIGHT WEEKS. Dominique’s bathroom was started on Tuesday, and the rate I’m working them it will be done by Tuesday BEFORE the husband lands. The math on that one bathroom is ONE WEEK. Yeah that’s how good I am. How lucky for him. God damn I am such an AMAZING wife!!!

The renos combined with the new found information that I’m emcee’n the Camp Ooch bi-annual gala with Yannick has now got me out scrambling to find a gown for the evening. I had a perfectly wonderful Balmain dress all ready to go, but now that we’ll be standing up and speaking in front of 800 people throughout the evening I need to step up my game. Which I’m happy to do, but I have been sipping on oodles of wine and so now my weight is up AGAIN, and I’m just not in the mood to buy designer but alas it must be done. Today I came up empty. No gown was found. Tomorrow is another story, please wish me well.

But neither of these things are at all what I want to post about today. No. What I want to post about is how incredible it is when people step up and say they’re sorry. When they admit fault and take ownership. It is sadly something that doesn’t happen nearly enough in our new world. For Christ sakes even Trump says he won’t accept defeat if it doesn’t come wrapped neatly in the package that he wants to be presented in. It’s wild, but true, people are deeply uncomfortable with humbling out. Which is why when Yannick shared with me the most lovely, heartfelt, genuine, remorseful letter I honestly think I’ve ever read, I was not only touched I was encouraged. I was moved to write this post to thank “the Lady” who had such a negative, unrealistic reaction to not receiving her signed photo in a timely fashion with a THANK YOU post.

You Ms. are clearly a very passionate idealistic woman. I can tell by how pissed off your first letter was when you felt you had been wronged, conversely your apology was written with even more heart. Once you were given perspective it was remarkable how quickly your tone changed. You “got it” immediately. And I appreciate you taking the time to write an apology, it has not gone unnoticed.

You also hoped that I could “forgive” your actions and I truly have. I see from your letter that you understand that all of it is for the kids. They rely on the kindness of strangers, especially since Childhood Cancer Canada receives zero government funding to help make their young lives easier to deal with as they battle cancer. I can tell from your note that you absolutely see the bigger picture now, and I thank you so much for having the character to admit that you hadn’t known that before my post, before my tweets and before Yannick’s reply to your letter. Murdoch Mysteries is an incredible show. But it is a Canadian show, produced with very little money, which means to get the show done at all it calls for LONG LONG LONG hours. Where some U.S one hour dramas can afford to take 8-10 days to shoot an episode, Murdoch shoots one every 6.5 days.


Not only Yannick, but his entire crew work insanely long days to bring you all the show that you love, that they love, because it’s worth it.

Thanks for watching “Lady” and thank you even more for taking the time to say you’re sorry. Your apology has been noticed, it is also going a very long way, so thank you.

Much love,