If you don't know about REVOLVE.COM you need to, and you really should be shopping with them, ALL THE TIME!!!

Something remarkable happened today. On the one hand it is quite sad that it is remarkable, while on the other, it isn’t. At the end of the day, all companies should care about their customers the way, those of you who also follow me on Twitter witnessed, a company like U-Haul does. You saw them respond to a tweet that I had posted, that was a throwback tweet. Meaning it wasn’t in PRESENT time, but U-Haul, saw it and reacted, positively, favorably, IMMEDIATELY. Asking what it was they could do to rectify the negative experience we had due to getting, on two separate occasions, flat tires on the trailer we had rented from them to bring YB’s “bitch” from Toronto to LA in January 2015. They gave a damn, even though it was two years behind us. That was amazing. It makes me want to give my business to them should I ever require a moving truck, or trailer again; despite the inconvenience and headache that getting two flats can create when driving all that distance. Since you follow me on Twitter, you also know that Tumi, gave zero F*#ks about our brand new full set of luggage already showing damage, wear and tear after only two flights.

Like ZERO F*#KS.

So, as a consumer, I for one have come to expect a 50/50 likelihood that a company will care when you bring a less than positive experience you’ve had with them to their attention.

And then there are companies like REVOLVE. For the last couple of years all I’ve known of this brand is that Mikaela and Dominique are OBSESSED with them. Whenever I ask them where they got this cute piece, or that cute piece of clothing, they always say REVOLVE. They have an amazing return policy. Doing business with them, is an absolute dream. Resulting in Mikaela buying almost everything she ever needs from them, online. Which, judging by the fact that she, along with two guests were invited to go shop at their store on Melrose VIP shopping experience last Saturday, makes me think that she gives them even more business than I know about. I was tapped to attend the private shop with her, I would say it was to drive her, and Dominique in, but since they both have their own cars, I know it was so that I could get to know this company that they loved so much, as well as find items I could take with me to South Carolina, for a wedding I’m attending.

Once we arrived at the store, we were completely impressed by the level of attentiveness, and genuine caring of every single staff person we came into contact with. It was truly one of the most pleasurable shopping experiences I’ve ever had. As we were checking out, the woman in charge of inviting Mikaela to the event in the first place, who had checked us in, also cashed us out, and that was when Mikaela, was invited to their Coachella party. Mikaela thanked her profusely for the invite, knowing that she wasn’t even going to Coachella, if you all know anything about her, you know she’s more of a Stage Coach/Boots and Hearts festival girl. The young woman insisted that she would keep her on the invite list, and even followed up to make sure she had the details. Again, Mikaela said she doubted that she would be in attendance.

But I digress, the bottom line is this. Mikaela finally found a friend to make the drive to Palm Springs JUST FOR THIS PARTY. They loaded in her car, drove, thanks to traffic, the just over three hours from Malibu to the REVOLVE Coachella party. When they arrived there was no parking. Not to worry, they were directed to go park where they would be able to have an Uber pick them up and take them to the party. Problem solved. That was until the security, and people at the door were like NOPE, NADA, NOBODY ELSE ALLOWED IN. All the people inside, didn’t leave, so all those outside were literally stuck right where they were. IN LINE.

Mikaela was having difficulty reaching her contacts, and even though she presented proof of having been invited, there was no give at the door. You would think that a company who is obviously that popular, I mean supermodels were in there, some of the Victoria Secret models were at that party, and Billboard artists too, didn’t need my kid in attendance. I mean their party had hit it’s max allowance before the halfway mark, so I would expect when we reached out to the two staff members on the invite via text message that they would be smug, arrogant, and above all, simply ignore our inquiry as to what was happening on the INSIDE. But they weren’t smug, or rude, nor did they go “radio silent” on us. In fact, these employees of REVOLVE not only responded to me/us, they apologized, AUTHENTICALLY for the confusion. They took time out of their incredibly busy day to explain what had happened. They hit their max, the fire Marshall and sheriff showed up and threatened to shut them down, so they shut down entry. They had spent a lot of money to get the artists there to perform, they couldn’t allow the party to be shut down to appease my kid, or anybody else’s kid. I get that. But they didn’t have to CARE. Yet they did, truly, and sincerely cared. One of the directors of the company got involved, and wanted to offer a solution to rectify and thank her for driving all the way from Malibu just for their party! The two girls who worked for them, text me, again this morning, when I thanked them (it must me known they have another equally huge party today!!) Then, the most shocking thing happened…the Co-founder and Co-CEO sent an email APOLOGIZING.

WTAF?? Is this the 1950’s people??? This sort of thing never happens. Where the entire company, starting from the staff on the ground, all the way to the top gives a shit about a few girls who couldn’t get into a party they were throwing. I mean why would/should they??? They have tens of thousands of girls just like Mikaela and her two friends who will more than make up for any loss revenues if she had decided to never shop with them again. They could have cared not one teeny tiny little bit. But they did the opposite, they cared MORE. They went above, and beyond, and guess what friends…if you don’t know about REVOLVE, you do now!! If you want to spend your money on clothes, and want to give it to a company worthy of having your hard earned dollars. THIS IS THE COMPANY TO DO THAT WITH. Go check them out NOW!!! www.revolve.com

My mind has been blown; as long as they’re in business, they have got my business!!