Don't you feel just a little awkward declaring your love for a person you've never even met???

Tonight Yannick and I are doing something we rarely do, I mean we do it but usually a couple of people at a time. Not often that we put ourselves in a position where we’re going to be in a room with people who all came to meet him/me specifically. Of course there are the galas where perhaps a handful of people introduce themselves and want an autograph, or photo. Sometimes at dinner a person or two might make their way over to our table to ask for the same. But we’ve never gone into an entire room of people, a couple of hundred will be in attendance I think? Who are all there to listen to him speak. Honestly, our daughters would give anything to get a word in edge wise once he’s had a few tequila begins pontificating at the dinner table. To think a couple hundred people are driving and paying to listen to him chat is odd to us.

To be clear this is not a judgment of anybody who is going to be at The Sanderson tonight in Brantford listening to him speak, I’m just sharing with you how we feel about Yannick talking here, at home. You’re all super wonderful for supporting him and being as interested in him as you are, so thank you! It’s just that we would pay to get him to STOP talking some nights, so we find this funny.

Another thing that I find funny and that really makes me go “hmmm” is the way people speak to famous people on social media. I am truly blown away by some of the comments I read that people will make to complete strangers; people they’ve never even met before and how graphic their language gets on their comments section. It’s like mouth gaping open hitting the floor sort of stuff. Super XXX rated and all. Thank God Yannick doesn’t get anything like this…YET…for now his demographic skews a little older and the worst I’ve had to tolerate in this arena is stuff like; “What I wouldn’t give to be in bed next to him” or; “I would look better on your arm Yannick” sort of tame stuff. No descriptive dialogue about what said female would do to him if/when they ever got the opportunity to be in the position of being in bed with him. I’ve read some of the comments on a Ryan Reynolds Instagram photo, and I felt both disgusted, and then badly for Blake Lively. I mean I know she is Blake Lively, the mother of his children, his lover, his wife, and a smoke show, but seriously, it still has to feel like shit to have women being so disrespectful of your relationship with your partner day in, day out. And it was actually a post he had made about his daughter, which took the level of inappropriateness way over the top for me.

I just don’t get it ladies, and in some cases gents, Yannick has a few men who declare their love for him regularly, which I totally understand since most of our gay friends have a huge crush on him too. He is pretty hot, so I get the attraction and attention he gets from men and women. But seriously the folks out there getting all porno/sex chat graphic on famous people’s open/public social media pages really need to check themselves. Do they really think said famous person is going to come across your out of context, over the top vulgar attempts to be sexy and message you back with something like; “You are the person I’ve been looking for my entire life. Let me leave Blake and my two beautiful children for you. We will run away together and I will spend the rest of my days reading your social media over your shoulder…”

I mean honestly. Really? What do they think it’s going to get them? If anybody who behaves in this manner on social media is reading this musing please do me a solid and write to me. I would love to understand the logic in your mind as to why, and what you think you’re getting out of it…

The behavior has me “Curiouser and curiouser…”