Doesn't it chap your a*s when you pay very good money for a product and it turns out to not really be all that much better than a less expensive version???

Yannick and I are Tumi fans, we have been using their toiletry bags for years. He also has a backpack of theirs that he is obsessed with. We always promised ourselves that when our Samsonite and Heys suitcases had seen their last flights we would shout ourselves an entire set of Tumi luggage. We travel more than enough to justify the splurge, besides they’re supposed to be one of the most resilient brands out there. “Supposed” to be…

We’re having quite a different experience with both their luggage, and their customer service. When we sashayed into their Topanga Mall store early spring, before heading back to Toronto, we were excited. Yannick had done his research and knew which set would be our best bet. After consulting with the sales rep, who also happened to be that store’s manager, we settled on a checkered black and grey set. I didn’t buy her; “It will not scratch or mark…it is made of (some blah blah blah)material that simply does not mark.”

I was totally skeptical about her claims, so pressed her for information about their warranty and how well they stand behind their product. She assured me that if it does scratch, dent, or crack they will take it back and either give a full refund, or replace the unit. Well, let me tell you, this is so not the case. I mean sure, she happily took the piece of luggage back from me, put a tag on it with all my information, told me it would be 4-6 weeks before they would either repair this one or send me a new one, and sent me on my way.

Again I was skeptical, but I decided to have faith, and trust the store manager.

Six weeks passed. I heard nothing from Tumi, so I called them. The girl I got on the phone responded to me as if I was “new here” like I had swallowed a stupid pill. How could I for a second have thought they would replace a bag that was now scratched because it had traveled? Tumi found the bag to be in good working order, zippers, wheels, bumpers all in excellent working condition. Which was true. But the bag now looks like a hunk of shit. I mean I’ve had luggage that cost a fraction of what these Tumi’s cost me that never, even after six to seven YEARS of travel, not only THREE FLIGHTS, went to their luggage graves in better condition than these brand new Tumi bags are in. I mean, to be honest I’m actually embarrassed to even travel with them, they literally look so long in the tooth, and ratty.

But what’s a girl to do? I spent literally thousands of dollars on the Tumi set, believing they’d be our “forever luggage pieces” meanwhile they couldn’t even make it through three trips?? And they don’t give a damn. The only thing they’re offering me is a portion of my money back as a credit toward more Tumi luggage.

Now, if they’re going to treat us like this, first purchase/problem out the gate, then why in the name of God would I want to stay in bed with them? I mean really why on earth would I ever purchase another Tumi product under any circumstance if this is their idea of backing their product???


The answer to that question, is that I do not and I won’t, and now I hope that all you won’t either.