Do you think legalizing weed to pharmacy sales only is the happy middle ground we need?

Here is my response to yesterday’s WWYDW. Personally I feel that both alcohol and drugs are easily abused by those who are trying to abuse them. I was brought up in a home with a coming and going alcoholic father, so I know all too well how legal substances can fuck up a family. I’ve also witnessed many “happy drunks” who although they’re “happy” are still alcoholics. To me the bottom line is this: too much of a good thing is too much of a good thing. This even relates to sex. People who cannot control their sexual urges are either sex addicts, or on the darkest scale of that addiction, rapists and abusers. So in my heart I don’t actually believe that governing something is truly the answer to controlling the people who either cannot be controlled by laws, or will NOT be controlled by them. If somebody has the character, or the mental instability to misuse a substance whether or not that substance is legally or illegally obtained by them, will not, unfortunately in my opinion, change the outcome of whether they use, or abuse marijuana.

Personally, I’ve seen way too many young lives destroyed by marijuana. I sadly know too many parents who have witnessed their gifted, vibrant sons (not a single girl, which falls in line with studies that show how weed specifically affects the male brain negatively)suffer psychotic breaks due to their habitual and chronic use during of the drug in their formative years. I’ve seen their sons be admitted into psych wards. Have to drop out of university, move back home, incapacitated and unable to be, or live on their own. I know intimately a couple of young men who were driven to attempt suicide.

They all had the same thing in common. They started smoking weed, daily, in the tenth grade, at the age of fifteen.

So to those who say there are no negatives to habitual post smoking, I’m sorry but I’m not in agreement with the “weed isn’t damaging the way hard chemical drugs are.” There is in fact far too much scientific data to the contrary. And even if there wasn’t, what I’ve witnessed first hand is good enough proof to me that weed should not be legalized. Never mind the fact that all the petty drug dealers who make a living selling pot will now need to turn their shady dealings toward something else…which I fear will be chemical shit, and as if we need more of that out on the streets. But I digress, this post isn’t about what will drug dealers do once weed is legalized. This will become a “let’s wait and see” matter, to which all I can say is thank God my house is in LA is in the Santa Monica mountains, and I have a cottage way up north of Toronto, and my girls are all grown. Should I choose to escape if the social shit hits the fan, I can.

However, I fully support legalizing CBD. This should have happened many moons ago, so on this, I’m a hard YES. 1000 times yes. The benefits of that are widely known. THC though, we could all do without. Especially young boys between the ages of 14-25. Well formed adults, brains completely “developed” have at it. Smoke your faces off. Teens, or anybody under twenty-five, not so much. It’s not good for them. And yeah, yeah, yeah, I know all about how kids get it illegally, and always will…blah blah blah. But can I just say this one thing, and come across like all other conspiracy theorists on the internet…I happen to believe that the reason why the government wants to legalize it is because they want the next generation dumbed down. I believe that this generation, the kids who survived the Douglas Stoneman High shooting, and all the other survivors, kids who have grown up on a steady stream of a government who hasn’t given a damn about protecting their lives would rather they numb out than stand up. And make them lazy, unmotivated, uninterested in what’s going on around them.

What’s the best way to make sure you breed a generation of do nothing/say nothing citizens. Drug them. Need proof of their desire to do this, google ritalin use and side effects. Never mind that both the US and Canada already, in my opinion, aren’t doing enough for all the mentally ill citizens they already have out there. I’m praying that this will not create new ones by allowing them to develop brain injuries due to the damage created from smoking weed too often and too young. Personally for me there are way too many “what ifs” and variables that we won’t know the full impact of from legalization until we are in the thick of it. And, as we’re witnessing with the gun epidemic in the US, trying to take back a privilege once you’ve given it out, doesn’t go over very well, at all. So why not legalize it and allow only pharmacies to carry it, and ensure that the people who are getting it have prescriptions to do so? Or, is the lure of all the tax dollars our government will make off easily accessible legal sales make this option a moot point???

Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm.