How different would life have been if we hadn't had that first date thirty years ago???

For every year that passes I stop and ask myself; “how did we get here??” Marveling at another twelve months that have come and gone, and yet our love remains.

Falling in love is an easy thing to do.

Staying in love is an entirely different matter.

As I write this I can think of the moments when my love for you, and your love for me was so obvious, easy, clear, strong, and unwavering. If I close my eyes, I can just as easily recall the days, and weeks, when we had to fight to feel that love.

Such is the way in a long running engagement like ours.

I wrote in my card to you; “it hasn’t always been easy, but it has always been worth it.” And I mean that, completely.

I’m thankful that you took the chance with me. That after all the years that our paths had been crossing, at that audition back in 1988 on February 25th, to ask me out. I’m grateful that even though our signals got crossed, and the date almost didn’t happen on February 27th of that same year, that the universe knew that we were meant to be together and had you call “just in the nick of time.”

Our love is a roller coaster, and even though you’re not a fan of them, I appreciate your willingness to ride it, this roller coaster called life with me.

Thank you for giving me the three greatest gifts I could have ever hoped for in our incredible daughters.

Thank you for always being willing to say you’re sorry.

Thank you for forgiving me so completely for all the times I’ve hurt you, disappointed you, and let you down. I’ve learned the most about life through loving you, and being loved so fully by you.

I cannot wait to see what the next thirty years have in store for us Yannick, it’s already been more than I could have dreamed for…thank you for making it so.

Thank you for asking me out thirty years ago today, and thank you for choosing to love me every single day since.

I love you baby, more than you will ever fully understand.



Your Dream Girl