A difference of opinion is cool, but when it's always the same person, it makes me go hmmm???

I swear some people’s children, like why are they so busy being Negative Nancy’s out in the world. I seriously don’t get it, at all. I barely have time to be encouraging and nice to all the people I want to impact on a daily basis; that I absolutely do not have enough time to go out there being poopy.

I have this one follower who seems to only pop up on my feed when she wants to point out something that I blogged about that is, in her opinion, which she is entitled to, “wrong.” For example this latest time that I heard from her was in regards to my Louis CK post, how I said that the way he came at his scandal was a better way than the way anybody else so far has handled their sexual assault claims. Which for the most part has been the infamous; DENY, DENY, DENY method. She, the follower was quick to point out that he hadn’t actually said sorry.

No, he did not. But as a sexual assault survivor, which I’m not sure if you are my Twitter friend, and I truly hope that you are not. But I am, I can only speak to how important it is that the predator acknowledge, not only to YOU, the person they assaulted, but then to do it on a very public platform is. This my friends goes a very, very long way. Nowhere in my post did I say his “apology” or his statement was PERFECT, I merely said that it is both refreshing to see him taking any ownership for his actions what so ever, especially when most never do. They instead choose to make the victim out to appear crazy, or as if they’re lying, like they have something to gain by making the claims. This, as we all know is the primary reason why only 10% of all sexual assault victims speak up at all. I think in light of what is happening all over North America at the moment, with so many predators being brought to light, I feel good, and stand by my joy at the way Louis CK and his team decided to handle it. He could have remained silent, as he did for years while his fame and his bank account grew, and just let his mouth pieces handle it for him, pay the women off and call it a day. But he didn’t. He admitted fault, and that for me my friends is another battle won for the victims of sexual assault everywhere. We can choose to be pissy and dissect all the ways he didn’t do it right, or we can give him some credit where credit is due. He could have hid behind his legal team and taken no ownership, and he instead chose the opposite. Sorry if for some of you it wasn’t quite good enough for you.

And speaking of not good enough, how ironic is it that Dominique and I posted our very first YouTube episode about men behaving inappropriate on the internet and BAM first post out the gate we got a live one asking for nudes of her. Like dude did you watch the fucking post AT ALL??? You’re exactly the guy we’re talking about. You’re exactly the sort of guy that my daughter is so not interested in. You like missed the entire point of the video. It is amazing. What were you watching? Just how beautiful she is and you missed the words that were coming out of her mouth? It is really astounding what some people’s kids will get up to in a day. Never a dull moment out there on the World Wide Web I swear to God. I suppose the very cool part of people acting a fool out there in the world will ensure that Dominique and I never run out of content gold to discuss on TALK THAT TALK.

You see friends, I really can find the silver lining in every situation, and I thank the good lord for that!!!