Did the dick at LAX last night dressed as Zorro, carrying a sword, really think it was a good idea???

It is 2016.

The world has been living under the concern of random terror attacks since September 11th, 2001.

Airports get shot up.

Weddings get shot up.

Shopping plazas get bombed.

School kids get shot while in class.

Women get shot dead while walking with their children on a sunny summer day.

Cafes in the city of love fall victim to the random violence.

Club, and concert goers die while out living, and enjoying life.

This isn’t the 50’s. Hell this isn’t even the 90’s. This is a time, a blip, I pray on the history books of our incredible world. I believe that the bulk of humanity is kind, compassionate, decent, peaceful, and filled with love. I refuse to buy into the notion that the world is going to hell in a hand bucket. I’m holding fast to my faith that love will win in the end.

But last night, while flying into LAX, we had been circling the airport for what felt like FOREVER. I figured it was back logged, not unusual for a giant, busy airport like LAX. Then the pilot came on to alert us to what was actually going on down below. There was some sort of security breach, and if they didn’t start allowing planes to land we would need to be diverted for fuel. Okay, getting information. Cool. Security breach. Not cool.

It’s 2016.

My stomach dropped, I quickly prayed that nobody was injured by what ever was going on down below. Within minutes of that announcement all the cabin lights came on, the pilot came on the communication system to tell us to fasten our seat belts, bring our seats up to their upright position, and for the flight attendants to take their seats also. I’ll be honest my heart sank, so many thoughts racing through my mind, if I can confess to you, the main thought I couldn’t get out of it was that there was nothing going on at the airport, the issue was right here on our plane. Why else would all the cabin lights be on? Why would the flight attendants be told to take their seats while we were still 30,000 feet above ground. What the fuck was going on. Then Dominique began to panic, so I had to become Momma bear, instead of concerned woman.

Thankfully my fears were unwarranted, we were in fact diverted to an airport in Ontario California. We were given more fuel, stayed at the gate for close to an hour, and then were allowed to fly into LAX. During that hour everybody on board got on their phones to get information about what was going on. The news was reporting that apparant shots had been fired in one of the terminals, turns out that was false, but the photos of thousands of people out on the tarmac will always be with me. I can’t imagine how they all must have been feeling at that moment… Then the next article was how the person of interest had been arrested, it wasn’t until much later that I came to learn that it was a guy, dressed in a Zorro costume, carrying a sword. A plastic sword, but still a sword all the same, in 2016, at an airport.

What the fuck buddy? Were you dropped on your head as a child? I wish I could find out what the hell you were thinking yesterday when you decided that, that was a good idea???

Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm.