Is Delta making a play to become America's number one carrier???

I don’t want any of you to think of me as; “the little boy who cried wolf” since last night I signed off saying I wasn’t sure when I’d be back, due to my heart being so heavy, and I don’t at all feel like being funny, or light, or sarcastic. But something interesting happened today when we left LA to come to the wedding of a young woman whom we’ve known since she was thirteen years old. It was so important, to me, during this time when only the negative seems to make it under our noses, that I wanted to share it with you all.

Unless you live under a rock, you for sure have seen that almost every single airline has been getting an extremely bad rap in the media. With airlines, and their staff being put on blast for shitty behaviour the world over, (rightly so) I thought I’d share some positive news about air travel today. I felt compelled to share some positive news about my experience with Delta today, in the hopes that I can help shed the light to hopefully give a different perspective on what most of us are reading/hearing these days. The last time I flew with Delta was in February to go to Nashville, let’s just say that the experience was less than memorable. As in nothing fantastic, but also nothing to complain about. The coolest thing about flying with them was sitting across the aisle from Dax Sheppard, who by the way is so fricking HOT, I had NO IDEA. But ladies, trust me when I say this, Kristen Bell knew what she was doing when she locked that man down. She was there too, and trust me when I say this, they’re a tight, loving, cool couple, and it made me happy to witness them together.

Today’s flight there were no celebs to gawk at, to enhance the experience. Today though, and I’m not sure if it is because so many airlines, Delta included, have been blowing it in a big way with the public. But today, from check in to landing, every single Delta team member was polite, happy, helpful, and lovely. The plane was spectacularly clean, and the bathroom was not a grimy dungeon that you were sure you would catch an STD from simply by stepping inside it. It even smelled NICE, if you can believe that.

Then we landed, and walked through the most serene, sky-walk linking the concourses together, that I honestly felt transported. Delta has stepped up their traveling game. I would fly Delta all day every day, if this is how they’re going to behave, going forward. SIGN ME UP! I mean who doesn’t want pleasant airport staff/flight attendants, free water, juice and snacks? I applaud you Delta, in a time when air travel is going backward and is starting to feel like every flight is like stepping on a Greyhound bus, it seems to me, that you are trying to bring the elegance back to air travel. So thank you, your efforts have not gone unnoticed by me. I suggest that the next time you need to fly my friends, you think about flying Delta, and then let me know about your experience. Plus, their fares are often LOWER than their competitors. So, it’s a win-win, better staff, cleaner planes, free shit, AND MORE MONEY IN YOUR POCKET. No brainer if you ask me.