Decaf, Melatonin or Murdoch, what really makes the difference between getting a good nights sleep or not???

I told you that I would report back to you as to whether or not abstaining from my ONE decaf coffee a day would make a difference to my sleep…so here I am. Yesterday was day two of no decaf coffee. I slept significantly better last night than I have in in many nights. But, I must also confess that I learned something else last night just as I was tucking in to bed for the night…I had only been taking a single dose of my melatonin every night for the past week. This is how that happened, normally I take little tablets that I place under my tongue, each being 3mgs, when I ran out of those I started to use my liquid melatonin. I would take three whole droppers full thinking I was taking the same as three of my tablets. I was wrong. One dropper equals 1mg, not a complete dose, which meant taking three droppers was only the equivalent to ONE TABLET. No wonder I haven’t been sleeping. Last night I corrected my dose and slept much better than I had for the better part of a week. So, to keep this experience as scientific as possible I knew that I now needed to add my coffee back into the equation, which I did. Today I added ONE decaf coffee back into my life. I did this because now I want to see which affects my sleep most adversely. The decaf coffee, or the improper dosage of melatonin…

For the most part I slept through the night, I only had one short moment of being awake, where I contemplated how to get our belongings to LA from Toronto, should we fly with the boys on a chartered plane, because Yannick has to be in Vancouver so soon after Christmas, I rolled around in bed awake anxious about why one of our sections of floors is not heating, Donald Trump and all the hate he has brought to the surface…blah, blah, blah keep you awake shit you can’t do a damn thing about in the middle of the night running through my head. Once I got all that to shut up and calm the fuck down I was woken up yet again by the husband gently shaking me, and asking me with a genuine amount of concern in his voice “are you okay???” I have no idea what I had been up to that not only caused him to wake up, but to also ask me if I was alright? I would have asked him today but he was out the door like a shot at 5:25am when he and I were woken up by his driver calling the house phone to wake him, because someway, somehow he had neglected to set his alarm…AGAIN.

The thing that makes me go “hmmm” about all of this is; I wonder if the couples who after many years of marriage, such as Yannick and I have put in, are on to something when they “move” into their own bedrooms. I wonder this because not only did he wake me up to ask me if I was okay in the middle of the night, but he also woke up at another point to check his alarm clock, which in turn lit the bedroom up, pulling me out of at long last a deep sleep. We both snore now, so pleasant, which woke me another couple of times during the night, the final “this can’t be happening” wake up shock was when the house phone began rang at 5:25am, because he was ten minutes late from leaving the house because his alarm wasn’t set. Even though he had lit the entire room up at one point in the middle of the night to ensure that it was in fact on, it wasn’t on. Well done Yannick. Then there is the pushing the entire duvet on to my side of the bed because it makes him too hot to sleep. Ummmm excuse YOU. HOT FLASH LADY OVER HERE, please let’s just put it on the floor then. I’ve always been a Judgy McJudgy about couples who sleep in separate bedrooms, but I have to say, I sort of get it now.

Anyway, before I relegate Murdoch to a bedroom of his own, I will attempt my proper dose of melatonin yet again tonight, with a little extra magnesium oil, and the duvet folded up on the chaise to see if we might not just work out sleeping in the same room for a few more years…

Wish me luck. Sleep well friends.