The day after Earth Day always leaves me wondering if I'm a hypocrite when it comes to my home???

I wonder, do we think people who obtain handicap parking tags are the same sort of people who leave their trash at the beach? Who throw their waste out of their car windows while driving down the road? It truly makes me go “hmmm.” I’m going to make the assumption that a person who will fake a handicap, or worse, as I learned from some of my readers STEAL THEM OUT OF OTHER PEOPLE’S CARS, are more than likely the same sort of people who give zero fucks about the planet. I feel like it is the same entitled shitty attitude that would cause somebody to knowingly pollute the planet around them. As you know, yesterday was Earth Day, and although I didn’t speak specifically on honouring Mother Earth, I did touch on how we can better honour each other, and put kinder, more authentic energy out to the world, by not being a fraud and using handicapped parking spots when you’re fortunate and blessed enough to not be handicapped. To me, respecting and caring about fellow human beings goes hand in hand with respecting and caring for our planet.

I have a serious struggle going on within myself every single day; and that is the one where I question whether or not I’m a hypocrite when it comes to taking care of the earth in the way that I should. I wonder if I’m really all that awesome because I eat animal protein, which is not only not fun for the animals, but hard on our planet. But then I think, well, I do eat only organic, free range, humanely raised protein…which helps, right? I mean vegans eat quinoa and the countries where that grows have been known to clear out rain forests so they could plant more quinoa farms to make money. Not cool. So, so not cool. Either way, in the end I’m painfully aware that the sort of protein I eat comes from a living being, with feelings, and emotions, and it bothers me.

I also have gas operated vehicles. This is because I happen to think that cars are a lose, lose no mater how they run. I think electric needs are the last thing we need to add more of, considering the drain on the infrastructure, and the fact that more countries still get their electricity from what I’ll call “dirty sources.” Perhaps when our hydro is being created by solar, wind, etc, I might consider this sort of car. Don’t even get me started on hybrid powered cars…the batteries don’t last as long, are not biodegradable, and the carbon footprint on what it takes to make not only the batteries, but the cars in general, all the back and forth crossing oceans multiple times before they end up in driveways is pretty scary. Don’t believe me look it up.

I don’t wear fear, but I do wear leather : (

I recycle everything, and green bin my food products. I don’t use pesticides on my lawns, or my dogs. So yay, some points there.

I don’t have solar panels on either of my homes, but I do use Eco-friendly appliances, and use the speed wash load on my washer, and the minimum amount of time on the dryer. I pick up trash whenever I see it, and never, ever litter, even with my gum.

In the end, I suppose what’s most important is that I, you, all of us do our part to make the world a better place. Let’s act quickly though, so that the article I read this morning, stating that come 2050 there will be more plastic bottles in the oceans, than fish, doesn’t actually become our reality. This is not a world I want to witness. If that’s what’s going to be happening in the oceans, imagine what the land around us will look like? I often wonder when I read articles like this, why don’t the Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Richard Branson and Warren Buffet’s of the world ban together and send ships out in the ocean to “fish” all the trash out of them and bring it back to land to be processed, the same way land trash gets managed?? I mean if I had that sort of money that’s the first thing I would take on. Listen, I know I’m no Leo DiCaprio, but I’m doing my part, every day, sometimes with grand gestures, but mostly with small ones. On the subject of Leo, I will say this, I also don’t fly private jet every where I go, or tour around the oceans in yachts, which have their own negative impact on our planet…so in my own small way, I’d say I’m doing okay.